Apex Legends: Defiance Update Launches New Legend Mad Maggie and Control Mode

Defiance Update
Defiance Update EA

The Defiance update for Apex Legends is finally here. This update was launched in celebration of the game's third anniversary . It features a lot of new content, including a bad-lass new Legend and a new limited-time game mode, among other things.

New Legend

Mad Maggie, the Rebel Warlord, is the latest Legend wreaking havoc in Apex Legends. She loves to dish out pain, and she is quite proficient with the shotgun than any other weapon.

Her passive, Warlord’s Ire, highlights the enemies she damaged and lets her move at unarmed speed while wielding shotguns. So, if you love shotguns, then Mad Maggie is definitely appealing to use!

You can see a glimpse of her abilities in the video below:

New Game Mode

A brand-new limited-time mode called Control is now available. This is where two teams of nine battle it out to capture and control points scattered all over the map. Unlike the game’s BR mode where your death is permanent, you can respawn as many times as needed. Your team just has to earn enough points to win.

Update Highlights

  • Expanded map; spreading squads out more so the map’s center area (Labs or Estates) isn’t the only go-to combat zone each game and reducing the frequency of spontaneous 3rd-parties
  • Better rotational options to help players get around and out of dangerous chokepoints
  • New interactive map toy and play spaces to help attract players into the new areas, creating fresh new experiences for Olympus
Wildlife Update
  • Prowler damage reduced to 20 and reduced knockback force
  • Increased Prowler Nest completion reward to 150 crafting materials (250 total for the large Prowler Nest in the center of the map).
  • Introduced a targeting cap for Prowlers, so only 3 Prowlers will be able to target a player at any time
  • Prowler Den spawns are now disabled when there are two teams inside of the same Nest (except for the massive Prowler Nest at the center of the map)
  • Drone View HUD and other Quality of Life updates:
    • Added gamestate (e.g. Ring information, round timers), minimap, killfeed, team status, and ping information to the Drone's HUD
    • Repurposed the Drone HUD's old Crypto health/shield presentation into displaying the health of the Drone itself
    • Survey Beacon markers are now displayed in-world while piloting the Drone (same as when controlling Crypto himself)
  • Neurolink changes:
    • Increased the Neurolink detection FOV to 240 degrees
    • Neurolink detection is now disabled while the Drone is being recalled

You can learn more about the Defiance update on the game’s official website.

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