Apex Legends Challenges You to Take "Control"

Take Control of the situation.
Take Control of the situation. Respawn Entertainment

A new Limited Time Mode is arriving soon to Apex Legends and is set to offer a new way to play the game. Control drops on February 8 and is the first big team mode.

This new LTM takes everything that makes the game awesome and recontextualizes it by putting players in the center of fights that wouldn't be possible in Battle Royale or Arenas mode. In Control, players don't just fight with their squadmates but alongside eight other players to control different strongholds across the Outlands. The team able to control the battlefield wins the match.

What makes Control different? Here, death doesn't mean the end of the road since players respawn every time they die. So, there are new opportunities for different strategies or new weapons. After all, every time players spawn, they can change their loadouts or even Legends. Overall, this new game mode is all about experimentation, letting everyone play more creatively.

As its name implies, this LTM is all about controlling zones. Zones are where the fights happen and those who own a zone get points every second. That means the more zones owned, the more points earned. The team that reaches the score limit of 1,250 is declared the winner.

Personal Rating

When playing Control, players need to perform actions that help their team like assisting teammates, killing enemies, and capturing zones. As the match progresses and players perform the actions, they increase their personal Rating.

Ratings are divided into blue, purple, and gold tiers. Each tier is progressively harder to earn but gives players more powerful weapons. Each time players gain tiers, they also earn their ultimate to make use of Legends ability in powerful ways. Once the max tier is reached, players can continue to earn Ratings to obtain more ultimate charges. By the way, Ratings reset after each death.

It's also important to note that since players can respawn, a Kill Leader is pretty useless. Instead, there’s the Ratings Leader, and getting them can boost your own ratings.

Read more about this new LTM here.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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