Apex Legends Invites You to the Dark Depths Event

Be ready to go deep.
Be ready to go deep. Respawn Entertainment

When Apex Legends launched Storm Point, it introduced players to a tropical island filled with many points of interest. With the upcoming Dark Depths Event, everyone is treated to a new Arenas map called Habitat. This event starts on January 11 and lasts until February 1.

The actual area is known as Habitat 4 and is one of the smallest islands in the New Antillia archipelago. It's best known as a breeding ground for Leviathans. In fact, early IMC research groups were surprised to see a large number of local leviathans having a propensity to go to this particular island. That was more than a hundred years ago and while the IMC is gone, these giants remain.

Points of Interest

Habitat 4 has two main points of interest, both resting on higher ground but on opposing sides. The first is the Nest, which has a lot of giant Leviathan eggs. Considering how the hardened eggshells are as tough as steel, they make for great cover. The rocky terrain and the eggs give teams various flanking options and rotations. There are also lateral ziplines near the frontlines that allow for an opportunity to get support quickly.

On the opposite side of the Nest, players can find the Cave. As an enclosed space, it gives a sense of security and protection. The trick here is to sacrifice cover and try to control the center of the Cave. That's because it overlooks the mid-field of the map and even one of the airdrops.

Flash Events

The Flash Events during this event are pretty much individual prize tracks per week. So each week, there's a new set of unique prizes and one unique badge that players can earn by finishing challenges. Here are some of the prizes:

  • January 11 to January 18
    • Key prizes include: Apex Packs, Epic Holospray, Load Screen
  • January 18 to January 25
    • Key prizes include: Apex Pack, Valkyrie Epic Holospray, 1 Dark Depths Pack
  • January 25 to February 1
    • Key prizes include: Epic Revenant Holospray, Epic Alternator Skin, Epic Revenant Skin

Read more about this upcoming event here.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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