Anthology Of Fear Officially Announced For Switch And PC

Featuring three unique stories of horror.
Publisher Ultimate Games has officially announced Anthology of Fear, coming to PC via Steam and the Switch.
Publisher Ultimate Games has officially announced Anthology of Fear, coming to PC via Steam and the Switch. Ultimate Games

A brand-new psychological horror game will be making its way soon to Switch and PC via Steam, and as early as now, it already boasts that it is comparable to iconic titles in the genre such as Silent Hill and Outlast. Titled Anthology of Fear, the first-person horror game will be published by Ultimate Games and developed by RG Crew.

As the game’s name implies, Anthology of Fear contains three unique stories that take place in different places the remote areas of Russia during the early 20th century. In each of these three stories, players will be put in the shoes of each of our three unique heroes.

What should we expect from RG Crew’s entry into the horror genre? First, the developers guarantee that they will not be relying on simple jump scares, instead earning scares by building them up based on level design and atmosphere. Plot and story-telling makes or breaks these types of games, so fans of the genre should expect nothing less from Anthology of Fear, more so if we consider the statement made by director and chief designer Hubert Zatorski:

“Each of the three stories are different—of course there are also different characters, time periods, and so on. . . The player thus receives three smaller games in one. Each of them will provide different experiences. Our game will be diverse and ambiguous. It won’t be any problem for fans of the series Silent Hill and Outlast to find themselves in Anthology of Fear. The same goes for titles in the style of Layers of Fear, Alan Wake, or even Hunt: Showdown.”

Aside from the unique stories and characters, different gameplay mechanics should also be expected, and it will be interesting to see how this is going to be implemented. For example, one story may focus on stealth, another on combat, and another may be purely story based and might just revolve around dialogue choices. But I digress, it’s too early to tell since the game doesn’t come out until 2020. As early as now though, Anthology of Fear can already be Wishlisted on Steam.

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