AntHolic Remake Released From Visual Shower

AntHolic Visual Shower

For those looking for a hyper casual game to play, get this one on your radar. Visual Shower has released a remake version of AntHolic.

Despite the casual nature of the game, the original version of AntHolic had reached as many as 1 million downloads. It had even reached #1 on both the Chinese and Korean app stores at some point.

To prove just how casual AntHolic is, once you press play on the main menu, you get a blank white canvas screen with ants running back and forth. All you need to do is squish them. It brings that satisfying squishing feeling without actually harming ants. Indeed, the game offers a simple learning curve.

Even while the learning curve is simple, the difficulty does increase. The more the user plays, the more troublesome the ants become. The ants start as sluggish, and as time passes movements become more sleek. Missing an ant results in the insect moving faster than ever. Once a player misses catching an ant, it becomes that much harder to catch them. Thus, while the game starts with a lighthearted tone, the challenge starts to increase.

Kim Jong-kook, a Producer at Visual Shower, revealed that games like AntHolic are important in a world of difficult and complex games. Since there are no requirements when it comes to learning the UI, among other aspects, the game gives players an enjoyable experience without taking too much time to learn.

AntHolic is now available to download on iOS and Android devices.

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