Anthem Post Launch Plans Revealed, New Content Starts In March

Anthem has three Acts planned after its initial launch, and Act 1 has three major updates
Anthem has three Acts planned after its initial launch, and Act 1 has three major updates EA

There are only a few more weeks until Anthem is here, and BioWare has started to roll out initial discussions for post-launch content. Anthem is an online game like The Division or Destiny, so expect to see new content released at a fairly regular pace.

In an update released recently, EA and BioWare confirmed new content will start rolling out a few weeks after launch. We also have a general idea of what Anthem’s post-launch plans will look like, even if there aren’t many specifics to dive into.

This information comes from Ben Irving, the lead producer on Anthem. The post-launch plans for Anthem are divided into three acts. The first act is called Echoes of Reality. This first act is divided into three parts of its own, so that means we can expect around nine major releases if the other two acts are also divided similarly.

The three updates in Act 1 are named Evolving World, Stronger Together and The Cataclysm. If we read into the design of the announcement, it appears The Cataclysm is larger than the other two updates, so it’s possible this could be the update with the most content. We don’t know when exactly to expect the Evolving World update to release, but it is scheduled to arrive somewhere in March. This is a pretty quick turnaround when you consider Anthem releases on February 22. It’s likely the updates will be spaced out, so don’t expect Act 1 to fully release in March. A possible release schedule for Anthem's Act 1 content might see Stronger Together ship in April or May and The Cataclysm be playable by May or June.

The graphic mentions that the updates for Act 1 include new events, rewards, strongholds and missions. The updates also add quality of life improvements, an expanded progression system, guilds and leaderboards. Expect smaller updates in between these larger ones to address bugs and other minor tweaks.

Anthem releases for PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 22.

So what do you think? Do these post-launch plans for Anthem have you more confident for its release? Did you have an opportunity to participate in any Anthem demos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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