Anthem Looking Into Various Bugs, Focuses On Six Key Issues

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Anthem EA

The team at Anthem is currently working on a number of issues in order to improve the gaming experience for players.

This was revealed in a blog post by Community Manager for Anthem Jesse Anderson. In the post, Anderson listed six issues the team is focusing on:

Lower stats on components, gear and weapons

According to Anderson, the values being shown on some of the items are incorrect and is lower compared to before the update was put in place. However this is simply a visual issue and does not have an effect on the stats provided.

Vault space

Players may have noticed that after the 1.1.0 update, the space available in the vault has either increased or exceeded the limit. This is an effect of a fix aimed at Ranger items that were not taken into account in terms of space. To fix this issue, players need to clean out items for their vaults.

Invisible assets or enemies after dying too many times in Sunken Cell stronghold

The team is currently looking into this issue which occurs when a squad wipes more than 10 times.

Elite Ash Brutes in this stronghold are entering idle and still move when frozen

Anderson assures players that only the Ash Brutes in this stronghold are affected.

Bright white screen in Forge after cutscene

The team is also looking into this matter. What happens is that when an expedition accesses the Forge after a cutscene ends, it results in a bright white light which covers everything except the UI elements. This particular effect continues in the Forge and all the way to the end of the expedition.

DLSS Screen Freeze

This bug happens mainly to Anthem PC players, particularly those that have DLSS enabled. What happens is that in the Arcanist Secrets world quest freeplay, the screen freezes once players interact with the vault. The UI is able to update but the exo, as well as the world, remain stuck in place. While the user is free during this time, nothing changes on the screen. Everything recovers only when the timer is done.

Anderson said the list will be updated as needed.

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