Anthem Guide: Ways To Increase Your Score In Cataclysm

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Here's how to increase your score in Cataclysm.
Here's how to increase your score in Cataclysm. BioWare

Anthem earlier this month officially launched the Cataclysm Event after months of being silent. The new event was launched with Update 1.3.0. BioWare revealed that in Cataclysm, the main focus is on teamwork and coordination. In addition, the event also changes over time. During this event, players are encouraged to use their unique abilities in order to work through various gameplay modifiers and earn seasonal currency.

One important aspect that you may forget is the issue of score.

Keeping track of your score is important because the more points you earn in the Cataclysm, the more Minor Crystals you get. If you remember from our previous guide, Minor Crystals are used to buy War Chests and vanity items. Thus the more Minor Crystals you collect, the more items you can buy on the seasonal store. You can even use them to buy Major Crystals.

So how do you increase your score?

First is that you need to always have your squad. One advantage is that the squad can assist you when it comes to solving puzzles. In addition, you also get more points for the extra Freelancers. You can even get points for the extra kills that your squad makes.

Keep your squad.
Keep your squad. BioWare

Another way to increase your score is to make sure that you are within the Cataclysm's effect as long as you can. This allows you to increase your multiplier. You are going to be tempted to take shelter or even shoot the right hanging over each of the arenas. However, the effect is that it cuts your multiplier in half. The trick is to keep track of your Stability Bar. Once it’s gone, then it's time to take shelter.

The third way to increase your score is to complete each arena. Doing so not only gives you a baseline score multiplier, but also gives a 30-second increase to your Stability Bar. This means that you are going to survive the storm longer and earn more points. There is also another benefit to completing arena challenges. It awards you with three extra minutes to your Cataclysm timer. This means you get the chance to kill more enemies, complete more arenas, and score more points.

It's not all arenas though. If you look hard enough, you are bound to find time rooms scattered across the map. These give you a small amount of additional time and even a small number of points. When you start the game, always keep a lookout for these rooms or even spend some time looking for them.

Finally, you can also increase your score by collecting the glowing and orb-shaped notes. Picking up notes has the added benefit of increasing your Stability Bar. Notes come in different colors like green, blue, purple, and yellow. The higher the rarity, the more time and points and you get. Notes can be found at different points on the surface, underwater, or pop up when defeating enemies.

These are some of the ways you can increase your score. If you find other ways, feel free to share in the comments section below.

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