Another ‘Sims 4’ DLC Survey Includes Fairies & Witches

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Still no word on the restaurant game pack expected by mid-June latest. EA/ The Sims 4

Right on the heels of two expansion / game / stuff pack surveys that included Winter and Summer vacation, as well as farming and fashion careers, a third survey adds more. The survey surfaced on reddit and includes concepts for a Fairies and Witches game or expansion pack.

The Sims 4 : Faires - Create mini-fairies and live in hidden mystical fairy world, which can only be seen if you're a fairy. Use pixie dust and learn tricks that can cause trouble in the mortal worlds.

The Sims 4: Witches - Create witches of all types and brew potions, cast spells and ride on broomsticks.

The survey also includes Winter Vacation and Dream Jobs, both included on a previous survey released earlier this week. Read about the two previous surveys here. As cool as fairies and / or witches would be, it seems unlikely we’ll see these in the near future considering Vampires was just released. However, adding witches and fairies could satisfy fans who aren’t in love with the idea of blood-sucking immortals.

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