‘Sims 4’ Bowling Stuff Pack: A Producer Explains Why You Shouldn’t Throw Shade On Bowling Yet

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sims 4 bowling
Will 'Sims 4: Bowling' be worth it? A producer thinks so. EA

The next Sims 4 DLC is a quirky one: Bowling. It’s not a new idea. Bowling was in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. It’s a nice bar / restaurant alternative for a group of Sims looking for a fun night out, but I’d be lying if my first thought wasn't, why?

Sure, it’s going to be a fun little DLC and a new activity to build on community lots, but something about it isn’t sitting right with all players. “I'm excited, but also disappointed… I’m very, very unimpressed with the stuff pack. I mean, really. Bowling?!” Dian Hullett wrote in the comments after the stuff pack announcement.

While all eight stuff packs released for the Sims 4 have filled in gaps in the game, they haven’t been particularly exciting, aside from Movie Hangout Stuff, in my opinion. We’re left wanting more from stuff packs. They never seem to feel full enough, even for just a $10 pricetag. The fact of the matter is you're paying money for features that don’t really affect the game at all. For whatever reason, the miscellaneous objects and clothes included with the big selling point of stuff packs only enhance the game in ways some players feel should already have been there to begin with. But one Sims producer makes a solid argument about how Bowling will be different, and add some fresh excitement and variety to the game.

“I like bowling in The Sims because it can be more than just an object; bowling takes long enough that it's a group activity that you can plan a Sim's evening around with their friends or family as a fun outing. Plus there's an aesthetic style to bowling alleys that we haven't touched on yet in The Sims 4 which I think will be a nice addition to the game,” Sims Producer Graham Nardone said on Twitter.

The Bowling Stuff Pack was announced in a quarterly teaser, at the same time as Vampires. While it’s not the most game-changing activity, we can only hope Bowling becomes a skill and has some cool interactions, clothes, and objects.

There’s no exact release date at this time, but Bowling is expected this spring.

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