Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Garden Guide: Get Black Tulips And Other Rares

How To Get Rare Flowers In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
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Heard about the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp gardening update but trying for the rarest flowers of all? Check out our guide to cross-pollination below. Player.One

If you’ve checked out Animal Crossing Pocket Camp lately, you’ll notice a pretty sizeable update: gardening, a beloved core part of the main franchise, is now part of the mobile spinoff. We have a complete guide to the basics of gardening in Pocket Camp, but if you’ve mastered the simple stuff like how to buy seeds, why to water your friends’ flowers and what cross-pollination is, you’re ready to move on to more advanced gardening tactics. Learn how to get the rarest flowers, like black tulips, coral pansies and more through strategic cross-pollination in our garden guide below.

Remember: Lloid sells flower seeds for 80 Bells each. You can purchase Red Pansy, Yellow Pansy, Red Tulip, and Orange Tulip seeds from him. These starter plants will get you all the way to Yellow-Blue Pansies and Black Tulips by following the cross-pollination tips below.

Also note: it doesn’t matter which flower is used for cross-pollinating and which flower is in your inventory. There is also a chance of failing in any cross-pollination, in which case you won’t get any seeds. Finally, you can check out all currently available flowers and colors in the Flower Trade page when you talk to Lloid.


  • Red + Red: Red, Yellow

  • Red + Orange: Red, Yellow, White, Black, Pink

  • Orange + Orange: Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Pink, Black

  • Red + Yellow: Red, Yellow, Pink

  • Yellow + Orange: Orange, Yellow, White, Pink, Black

  • Yellow + Yellow: Orange, Pink, White, Yellow

  • White + Red: Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, Orange

  • White + Orange: Orange, White, Black, Blue

  • White + Yellow: Yellow, White, Pink, Purple, Black

  • White + White: White

  • Pink + Red: Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple

  • Pink + Orange: Orange, Pink, White, Black

  • Pink + Yellow: Yellow, White, Black, Purple, Orange

  • Pink + White: White, Pink, Black

  • Purple + Red: Red, Black, Pink, Yellow, White

  • Purple + Orange: Orange, White, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple

  • Purple + Yellow: Orange, White, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple

  • Purple + White: Blue

  • Black + Red: Red, Yellow, Pink, White

  • Black + Orange: Orange, Black, White, Purple

  • Black + Yellow: Yellow, Orange, White, Black

  • Black + White: Black

  • Blue + Red: Red, Pink, Yellow

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Garden Guide
A picture guide to cross-pollinating in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Photo: VIA Mistreil on Reddit


  • Red + Red: Red, White

  • Red + Orange: Red, Yellow, Orange

  • Orange + Orange: Red, Coral

  • Yellow + Red: Red, Orange, Yellow, White

  • Yellow + Orange: Red, Yellow, Coral

  • Yellow + Yellow: Yellow, Coral, White

  • White + Red: Red, White, Coral

  • White + Orange: Red, Yellow, White

  • White + Yellow: Yellow, Coral, White

  • White + White: White

  • Purple + Yellow: Coral

  • Purple + Purple: Purple

  • Blue + Red: Blue, Purple, Red-Blue

  • Blue + Yellow: Yellow-Blue, White, Coral

  • Blue + White: White

  • Yellow-Blue + Orange: Yellow-Blue

  • Yellow-Blue + Yellow: Yellow, Coral, Blue, Yellow-Blue

  • Red-Blue + Red: Purple, Blue

  • Red-Blue + Yellow: Yellow-Blue

  • Coral + Red: White, Coral, Red, Blue

  • Coral + Orange: Red, White, Coral, Yellow

  • Coral + Yellow: Yellow, White, Coral

  • Coral + White: White, Coral

You might notice that some combinations are missing, such as Blue Tulips with White, Yellow or Orange Tulips. Do you have the info we need? Feel free to let us know the results of your cross-pollination gardening experiments in our comments section below.


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