Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Invites You to Scavenger “Haunt” this October

Ready for a spooky month?
Ready for a spooky month? Nintendo

It’s going to be one spooky and fun month this October in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Everyone is invited to the Sweet Scavenger Haunt where players need to collect carved pumpkins. In return, they can earn interesting items like the spooky-treat set, Halloween dessert table, and handheld jack-o’-lantern.

For October’s Seasonal Event, there’s Jack’s Pumpkin Party. Lots of events around the campsite become available, and by joining them, players can collect Jack’s lollipops. Items that can be earned include the pumpkin hat, jack-o’-lantern display, and jack-o’-planter.

So what else is happening this October? The Capture Event is all about Jack’s Fantastical Fable. In this one, players need to head to their campsite’s garden and plant pumpkins. Once the plants bloom, it’s going to attract impish caps. Collect these creatures, bring them all to Jack, and earn rewards like the home-village house, home-village inn sign, and home-village stone wall.

Meanwhile, each of Queenie’s Mystic Cookie contains a single item, and players have the chance to get the likes of a mystical moonbeam rug, mystical stained glass, and fortune-teller’s lamp.

Finally, for Happy Homeroom, players are tasked with showing off their interior design skills through two new sets of event classes: the Sweet Halloween Party and Fortune-Teller’s Parlor. The designs are graded by Lottie and friends and those who pass get HH Material and Furniture puzzle HH Medals.

Digital Reward

Players who have 30 Platinum Points can redeem the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Autumn Scrapbook Kit. This one allows players to create their very own customized scrapbook pages with photos taken with the AR Camera in the new Simple Snapshot Mode.

For those who are new to the game, the AR Camera allows players to bring their animal pals together in the real world through snap photos. The latest version now lets players take photos with other campsite managers and friends. The Simple Snapshot Mode lets players choose from a list of preset poses to make sure that taking photos is easier. Learn more about it here.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a free-to-start mobile game about exploring nature, collecting items, building the campsite of your dreams, and making friends. The game has several repeatable events, including scavenger hunts and fishing tournaments. It was released in 2017 on Android and iOS.

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