Ancestors Legacy Release Date: PS4 And Xbox Version Coming This August

The title is currently enjoying a half-off price on the Steam Summer Sale.
Another RTS heads to consoles, as Ancestors Legacy gets dated for the Xbox One and PS4 on August 13.
Another RTS heads to consoles, as Ancestors Legacy gets dated for the Xbox One and PS4 on August 13. Destructive Creations

The Medieval-based real-time strategy game Ancestors Legacy will be releasing soon on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One come August 13 of this year, developer Destructive Creations announced. The usual changes can be expected for when an RTS comes to console, such as key mapping and user interface updates.

The squad-based strategy game immerses players in a medieval Europe where anything and everything is always solved through conquest, war, and bloodshed. You can take command of four of the available nations – the Vikings (known for their Berserker Unit), Anglo-Saxons (and their fearsome longbowmen), Germans (arguably has the strongest cavalry in game) and the Slavs (devastating foot-archers). Conquering, pillaging, and raiding enemy camps will be your main goal to take advantage of strategic environments so that you may gain an edge against your opponents.

For its gameplay, Ancestors Legacy plays just like your usual RTS. Building your own bases, managing your resources, and growing your economy will be your path to victory. As for combat, creating balanced army compositions from a number of unique units and micro-managing them successfully during battle is of the utmost importance. A few key elements have been added to provide a more realistic and challenging experience to its gameplay, such as the concept of unit morale and the bonuses flanking provides during combat. As a Total War player, these features are nothing new, but their addition of offensive and defensive stances for units add another dimension to the game. Knowing when to use these stances is key to winning the closest of skirmishes. In a way, it is similar to Total War’s usage of charge bonus and charge defense ratings, although these are mostly used passively.

Ancestors Legacy’s usage of Unreal Engine 4 means that it can provide much more detailed battles, which players can view in cinematic camera mode. I don’t know when you would do that, but probably when you’re stomping noobs in multiplayer mode or just chilling in the game’s campaign mode.

By the way, each nation has its own campaign, and the PC version currently has Saladin’s Conquest. In this DLC, the campaign will take you from your usual proving grounds of Europe and put you at the helm of the Saracen warrior’s army. This time, you’ll be on the receiving end of “DEUS VULT” as you fight against the Crusades.

Ancestors Legacy is currently having a 50% discount for the PC via Steam until July 10. The game will release for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on August 13. The price point is set at $39.99, and a physical version will be available in select European stores.

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