Among Us Is Available On Xbox Game Pass For PC, Joining Xbox In 2021

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Released in June 2018, Among Us only rose to popularity this year. The game even went ahead to win the Best Mobile Game of the year title at The Game Awards 2020. Naturally, the continued success of the game has captured the interest of players across platforms. And now, Xbox has announced that Among Us will become a part of the growing Xbox Game Pass for PC library. Plus, Innersloth revealed the future plans for the game. So, there's a lot that fans can look forward to.

Among Us Xbox Game Pass Announcement

Xbox took it to Twitter to declare the game's arrival to the Xbox Game Pass for PC. The announcement accompanied an Among Us in-game animation showcasing a crewmate bringing the game to Xbox Game Pass. The tweet also informed that the game is currently available for PC players using the Xbox Game Pass service. Though, Xbox users won't have to wait longer as the game is set to arrive on Xbox consoles in 2021 via the same service.

Among Us On Consoles

As of now, Among Us is only available on PC, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. The developer Innersloth confirmed earlier this year the Xbox plan. However, there's no information on whether the game will launch on Playstation.

Although the game is coming to Xbox consoles in 2021, players are still waiting for a solid date. Still, given how popular the game has grown lately, it shouldn't be surprising to see the game pop a vent on all available platforms.

Among Us is an online co-operative 4-10 multiplayer game where each team member is assigned tasks that they'll need to complete to win the game. But among 10 players, there are one to three imposters. They can discreetly kill their crewmates and impede the tasks. Crewmates can find the dead bodies of their fallen comrades and call in for a meeting. The team will then vote out a suspect. If the imposters killed but one crewmate, the game is won by the imposters. Recently, the game received a new update that addressed many bugs and showed an upcoming new map.

Among Us is available on PC, Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. The game is also releasing on the Xbox Game Pass in 2021.

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