‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Theme: Trailers Surface On Snapchat Revealing 3 Arcs For The Anthology

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American Horror Story Season 6 logo appeared on social media Monday. FX

‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Theme: Trailers Surface On Snapchat Revealing 3 Archs For The Anthology

We’ve just received the most detailed reveal prior to the Sept. 14 premiere of American Horror Story Season 6. Three trailers for the season surfaced Wednesday, giving some slivers of information of what the Season 6 theme might entail.

The first clip features a solitary house in a wide plot of land, with a storm cloud hovering above in the shape of the now-infamous six and question mark icon. We hear the sound of a chainsaw motor and a scream in the background.

The second clip features an overhead shot of a crib, and the sound of a baby cooing. There is also the the sound of a woman humming. The crib’s mobile includes a knife and ornaments shaped like a question mark and the number 6. We then see a creepy hand grab the knife and pull it down as screechy music plays and the humming continues.   

The third clip features a person running down a flight of stairs, with hands grabbing their ankles. The person screams as one of the hands grabs hold of their foot. The clip ends with a question mark and a number 6 and then we hear the American Horror Story theme song.

The trailers first surfaced on Snapchat, but have since between shared to other social media platforms. They include the American Horror Story Season 6 release date, which could be a good sign that the clips are legitimate.

While the meaning behind first and third clips are mostly a  mystery at this point, the second clip possibly alludes to a storyline idea that has been rumored for some times. There is a theory circulating that the American Horror Story Season 6 theme may be Antichrist , picking up where Season 1 left off.

Season 1, American Horror Story: Murder House, ends with Vivien Harmon (Connie Britton) giving birth to twins, one of which is sickly and deformed and the other, though  perfectly healthy, may be the Antichrist. The father of these children is Tate Langdon, whose sociopathic ghost haunts the murder house, Vivien’s home, and rapes her. For some time, Vivien believes the person she is having sex with is her husband, wearing a bondage suit, but she eventually learns the truth.

Vivien and her family ultimately die in the murder house; however, Tate’s mother, Constance, raises the healthy child, Michael. She realizes his devilish ways when she comes home and finds his nanny dead.   

While the American Horror Story Season 6 theme has not yet been confirmed, Executive Producer Ryan Murphy has stated the season may include a trope surrounding children. Some fans have wondered if the season may also be located in the Thacher School, which was introduced in Season 5 American Horror Story: Hotel.

It’s hard to say what the other trailers could mean. Perhaps the house underneath the storm could allude to the end of days. Perhaps the staircase could be a depiction of hell. We’ll find out Sept. 14. But for now, FX still has us on our toes.

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