Amazon Prime Day - Massive Discounts On Some Of The Best Gaming Keyboards On The Market

Mostly mechanical, with a hint of membrane for those who appreciate it.
This year's Prime Day has a plethora of amazing choices for various PC peripherals, including some great deals on gaming keyboards.
This year's Prime Day has a plethora of amazing choices for various PC peripherals, including some great deals on gaming keyboards. Razer

One of Amazon’s biggest sales of the year is once again upon us, bringing with it deals like no other for thousands of different choices for every kind of gamer there is. Prime Day 2019 officially started yesterday, and will run for the rest of today, July 16, which is the prime time to take a gander at what you’re missing in your different game collections, be it titles, accessories, and other peripherals.

For this set of deals, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best gaming keyboards you can get out of your hard-earned cash. Whether you’re someone looking to buy your first gaming PC and are researching peripherals, or just shopping around to replace that old dusty keyboard you currently own, this list would be sure to help you out. Probably one of the most important parts to consider when getting a PC since your hands are on it 50% of the time (the other 50%, it’s on your mouse), but people still mostly skimp on it or just get the first one they look at. Here’s to getting the most out of your next keyboard.

Without further ado, let’s go down the list of some of the best deals you can get for your next gaming keyboard on Prime Day.

Redragon K550W RGB Yama Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Coming in first is Redragon’s Yama Gaming Keyboard. It has all your usual bells and whistles for a gaming keyboard: RGB LED Lighting, Mechanical Switches (Cherry MX Brown Equivalent) that strike the balance between tactility and quiet feedback, and an all-aluminum build for durability. What it boasts though is its 12 macro hotkeys that can save and repeat up to 32 keypresses. This is definitely appealing to RTS gamers who can appreciate a solid and reliable hotkey system. As for FPS gamers, it guarantees Anti-ghosting and n-Key rollover for providing accurate and pinpoint in-game movement.

The K550W Yama Gaming Keyboard also comes with USB pass through, 12 multimedia keys, splash-proof design and the option to choose either Black or White as a paint job. A quick detachable wrist rest is also available for those who need it. All in all, for a $70 keyboard, the Redragon K550W packs a solid punch.

CORSAIR K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Corsair’s first entry in this list comes in the form of the K68 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. So, what does it offer for its entry-level price range? For one, the K68 RGB provides options for its switches, namely: Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, or Cherry MX Speed. To make it simple, if you like to hear the clickety-clack of your keypresses, go with the Cherry MX Blue. If you prefer silence and shorter presses (1.2mm actuation), go with Cherry MX Speed and for something in between, the Cherry MX Red is for you. This is a pretty nice touch by Corsair. It also promises 100% anti-ghosting to make sure you’re accurate, no matter how fast and frantic your keypresses are.

The K68 RGB also boasts an IP32 rating for protection against minor spills and splashes, a Windows key lock mode to prevent those shifting out of your game window during crucial times, a detachable wrist rest and Corsair’s iCUE software controls for personalizing macro programming and creating your own lighting effects, which is a plus if you have other Corsair gear. It also comes with color options, coming in base black with two choices for its LED lighting: RGB and Red.

CORSAIR K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Another one from Corsair is the K95 RGB PLATINUM, bringing an aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame, guaranteeing both lightweight and durability. Other included features are n-Key rollover with 100% anti-ghosting for the most precise inputs. Those who are interested are given the option between gold-plated Cherry MX Browns or Speeds. USB Pass through and multimedia dedicated keys are also found on the K95.

Six programmable G-keys are included which can be personalized for your in-game macros. You can also create multiple lighting profiles (which includes Light Edge, Corsair’s dynamic lighting program), synchronize with your other Corsair gear using iCUE, and macro layouts within the K95’s 8MB profile storage for seamless transitions in between games. The K95 RGB comes in two colors, Black and Gunmetal.

HyperX Alloy Core RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard

This is the only non-mechanical entry in our list, but that doesn’t mean it loses points. HyperX’s Alloy Core RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard is a solid choice for those who prefer a stealthier typing and gaming experience. Despite the Alloy Core passing on mechanical switches for membrane ones, typing accuracy is still guaranteed by its multi-key anti-ghosting feature. You can either choose from its six preset RGB effects or customize your own LED lighting, which is accentuated by HyperX’s signature radiant light bar.

The Alloy Core promises to be durable, crafted with high-quality plastics for a lightweight and sturdy experience. It is also designed to resist up to 120ml of liquid so that you can remain worry-free if an accident ever occurs while you’re gaming. It’s plastic so that may turn off some prospective buyers, but for its price point and the features it brings, it’s really hard to complain about it.

Razer Huntsman Gaming Keyboard

Last, but not the least, is Razer’s Huntsman Gaming Keyboard. It comes with Razer’s proprietary Opto-Mechanical Switches. In a traditional mechanical keyboard where a keystroke occurs via contact between moving parts, the Razer Opto-Mechanical Switch relies on actuation via light, when the actuation occurs. It still keeps the clickety-clackity feel without the delay of a traditional mechanical keyboard.

Aside from a number of customization and personalization options offered by its RGB Lighting, you can also choose between Matte Black, Mercury White, and Quartz Pink for the keyboard’s finish. Also, the Huntsman has what is called Razer Hypershift, which allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands. The Huntsman is made out of aluminium and is covered with a matte aluminum top plate for added durability. A Huntsman Elite version is also available, which provides a magnetic wrist-rest for an additional $50 or so.

So, what do you think? Which of these gaming keyboards will you be getting? Let us know and stay tuned for more recommendations from us on the best deals on peripherals, accessories, and other hardware for the whole duration of Amazon's Prime Day sales event.

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