Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Immortal Tales of Wudang Now Available

Amazing Cultivation Simulator: The Immortal Tales of Wudang DLC
Amazing Cultivation Simulator: The Immortal Tales of Wudang DLC Steam

Developer GSQ Games has released the Immortal Tales of Wudang DLC for Amazing Cultivation Simulator. It has plenty of new additions, including the new Swift Mode and a new pet, among many others.

Swift Mode

The Swift Mode is a new option added to the settings menu that helps speed the game up considerably. This option can be enabled to alleviate the lag that can be felt at high speed.

Performance Optimizations

The developers have optimized the game’s save function. Not only is the save file size reduced considerably, but also saving your progress is much faster than before.

In addition, you can still load up your previously saved games but it will be changed to the new format automatically once you save your progress again.

Aside from that, the developers have optimized a substantial amount of game logic. This is to improve efficiency across the board, allowing for faster load times and better performance, to say the least.

New Additions

The Immortal Tales of Wudang adds more stuff to the game. Here are some of the highlights:


  • Pet feature: Converts impurities into Spirit Stones
  • Pet Miracles
    • Peaceful Breath: Can be used on an ally so that they do not have to eat or sleep for three days. It, however, reduces the movement speed of the affected ally
    • Heavenly Block: Can delay an ally character’s Shapeshifting tribulation at the cost of their lifespan
    • Natural Soil: Can convert nearby water into normal water by turning an area into Spirit soil at the cost of their own growth and nutrition
  • Soil Essence
    • Absorbs the essence of the earth. Can replenish nutrients and reduce hunger
  • Trimerous Essence Pill
    • Increases Max Qi by a fixed amount
  • Qi Fasting Pill
    • A secret fasting pill of the Wudang Mountains that lasts longer than normal fasting pills (30 days)
  • Fly-Whisk
  • Sword of Tao
  • Sacred Nimbus Plate
  • Wudang Mountain
  • Dragon Incense Worship
  • Crown Princess Study Hall
  • Purple Cloud Palace
  • Purple Cloud Palace Destiny
  • Save Details
    • Makes it easier to manage player saves
  • Target Select Menu
    • Helps players select items and characters during gameplay
  • Produce Menu
    • Helps players manage productions
  • Overlapping Item Selection Menu
    • Helps players select overlapped items
  • Sect List for the Trade Menu
    • All sects are listed on the left side of the trade menu. Players can trade with the listed sects after visiting them

For a full list of changes, you can head over to the game’s official Steam page.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator: Immortal Tales of Wudang is available on PC.

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