All Bethesda Games Will Come To Xbox Game Pass On Day One

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Microsoft took the gaming industry by storm after it announced that the company has acquired Bethesda Games. When fans heard of this news, many of them started wondering what the fate of Bethesda will be going forward. Fans are especially concerned about games like The Elder Scrolls, Doom, Fallout, and Wolfenstein that are developed by Bethesda. Since these games are now under Xbox's belt, they will also be available on Xbox Game Pass, further improving the subscription service's value.

As of now, the entire gaming industry is wondering what to make of this move by Xbox. There isn't much that we know about Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda Games' parent company ZeniMax just yet. However, Microsoft has assured that the newly acquired studio's games will be heading to Xbox Game Pass as well.

Even the press release Microsoft released talking about the company's acquisition of Bethesda Games doesn't share enough insights. However, it did confirm that all future Bethesda game releases will be available on Xbox Game Pass on launch day both on PC and Xbox.

Since we know this now, Xbox Game Pass owners can be assured that all current and future Bethesda Games titles will be added to the service. Game Pass already has a bunch of Bethesda Games including The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, and Rage 2. Doom Eternal isn't a part of the Xbox Game Pass library, but there's a strong chance that the game may now become available to Game Pass owners as well. Moreover, it's also likely that that Bethesda games will become mainstay titles for Xbox Game Pass since it is now a first-party studio.

Even though Microsoft announced that the acquisition of Bethesda Games, it did not state anything regarding what games the studio is currently developing. Elder Scrolls fans can safely assume that whenever The Elder Scrolls 6 launches, it will be available on Game Pass on launch day as well.

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