Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop October 20 Patch Fixes for Campaigns, Weapons, and More

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop
Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop Steam

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop received a ton of bug fixes, thanks to a patch released a few hours ago. The October 20 Update delivers bugs-related fixes for campaigns, weapons, and aliens, along with a handful of gameplay changes.

From now on, Grubs will reflect light like other enemies, and Harvesters won’t spawn xenomites when killed by dealing massive damage via a grenade. Desert Eagle received a rework with its name changed to PS50 Bulldog and it now features a new appearance and sounds.


  • Jacob's Rest: Timor Station: Fixed NPC pathfinding near the end of the mission.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Fixed objective markers failing to update with objective completion.
  • Research 7: Jericho Mines: Fixed lag caused by physics calculations for falling pipes.
  • Tears for Tarnor: Abandoned Maintenance Tunnels: Fixed walls having unexpectedly tall collision, negatively affecting grenades.
  • Tilarus-5: Yanaurus Mine: Fixed walls being invisible with a rotated camera.
  • Tilarus-5: Forgotten Factory: Fixed walls being invisible with a rotated camera.
  • Lana's Escape: Lana's Bridge: Made performance optimizations to lighting and cinematic alien spawns.
  • Nam Humanum: Platform XVII: Removed a tech marine requirement after the last hack is completed.
  • Nam Humanum: Groundwork Labs: Fixed the countdown objective ending early.
  • Nam Humanum: Groundwork Labs: Fixed lighting being unexpectedly bright.
  • Nam Humanum: Groundwork Labs: Improved marine bot navigation.
  • BioGen Corporation: Operation x5: Fixed death traps not being deadly enough.
  • BioGen Corporation: Operation x5: Fixed aliens being able to spawn inside the ending elevator, causing it to get stuck.
  • BioGen Corporation: BioGen Labs: Removed invisible ceiling collision.


  • IAF Minigun: Fixed reloading with an odd ammo count resulting in 499/500 ammo.
  • Flashlight Attachment: This weapon now reflects light like other weapons do.
  • Grenade Launcher: Fixed a bug causing grenades to explode twice if they hit an alien directly. Instead, grenades now do double damage if they hit a character (marine or alien). This fixes splash damage from a direct hit bypassing one-hit protection and slightly increases grenade launcher damage (the first explosion would previously push enemies slightly away from the grenade before the second explosion).
  • IAF Medical Amplifier Gun: Updated skin to differentiate it from the normal medical gun.
  • TG-05 Gas Grenades: Updated the grenade box to match the style of other grenade items.

Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop October 20 Patch also brought fixes to translation, mapping, VScripts, and more. You can read about them in great detail via Steam.

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