The Alchemist Code Launches Collab Event With the Rising of the Shield Hero

Get ready for a new collab event.
Get ready for a new collab event. gumi

The Alchemist Code has officially launched its collaboration event with The Rising of the Shield Hero. Starting today, December 28, and all the way to January 20, 2021, players get the chance to take part in events and earn rewards. Of course, they can summon characters from the series and even get Melty Melromarc for free.

Collaboration Rewards

During the collaboration period, players get to earn rewards by logging in. Overall, players can get as much as 500 x Gems, 70 x Soul Shard Summon Ticket (only for collaboration units), 100 x Filo Apples, and 15 x Otherworlder Enlightenment Shard.

Collaboration Characters

As mentioned, players can summon characters from The Rising of the Shield Hero. These include:

  • Naofumi Iwatani
    • Known as the Shield Hero, he is one of the Four Cardinal Heroes. While he may not have much when it comes to offensive power, his defense is almost impenetrable.
  • Raphtalia
    • This half-raccoon demi-human is a swordfighter from Melromarc. Saved by Naofumi, she has dedicated to fight alongside him as his sword.
  • Filo
    • While she is part of a bird-like monster species known as filolials, she can shapeshift into the form of a young girl. She makes use of wind-type magic in battle.

Collaboration Quests

During the collaboration period, players can take part in these quests:

  • Normal Quest
    • Clear the Collaboration Quest Episode 1 in order to get Melty Melromarc for free.
  • ​EX Quest
    • Clear the event quests to also get unique job equipment and gear for the collaboration units.
  • ​Collaboration Alchemia Port Raid Quest
    • Cooperate with Alchemia Port members to defeat bosses and get to the top 100 rankings and obtain limited emblems.
  • ​Filo Apple Garden
    • Clear Filo Apple Garden to obtain the Special Collaboration Apple
    • The Special Collaboration Apple collected can be used to increase their unit's Experience. Players can get up to 32,500 EXP from this event.
    • This is available once daily.
  • Orange Balloons Everywhere
  • In this quest, players receive drops of shards which can be crafted into the collaboration event limited gear “Orange Balloon”.
    • This gear greatly lowers the probability of activating reactions for one turn.
  • Upon completion of the missions, players also earn limited collaboration titles.
  • Fierce Battle Quest
    • Earn Fierce Battle Coins and exchange them for items.
    • Players can also get a limited title by clearing the quest mission from the hardest difficulty.
  • Shards Quest
    • Unit’s shard quest are made available once the player owns the collaboration units.
    • Shard Quest is available for Naofumi Iwatani, Raphtalia, and Filo.

What are you waiting for then? Log in and be a part of this collaboration.

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