Aim Lab Adds New Tasks, Custom Hit Sounds, And Custom Recoil Patterns

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Aim Lab developer Statespace recently released a new update for the gaming tool that finally brings in custom recoil patterns. This is one of the most important features added yet. If you play shooter games, you know how important it is to control recoil and have your aim be right on target.

Aim Lab helps you warm up before your matches in other shooters. It has multiple game modes that help in flicking, tracking, motionshot, and more. This is a great tool for games such as Rainbow Six Siege and CS:GO where aim is one of the most important factors.

Aim Lab Update 0.51EB Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Recoil Pattern Suite

After many months of work, we hope it's worth the wait - Recoil Patterns are now in Aim Lab!

Recoil patterns are a part of the Custom Weapon suite right now, and is fairly easy to set up - Simply open the UI, plot out your intended recoil pattern, then put it into any Custom Weapon of your choosing!

This addition also comes with full Workshop integration, as such, any weapon you post to the workshop with a custom recoil pattern will maintain that same pattern for any user that downloads it - So be sure to share your creations with your friends!

New tasks - Spheretrack and Motiontrack

I'm sure you will all agree, Aim Lab has been lacking for tracking tasks for some time - Well fear not, these two new tasks should prove challenging for just about any skill level!

Motiontrack is a variant of Motionshot, with one major change - Once a moving target is spawned, you will have to track it to destroy it, as opposed to shooting it. These targets behave fairly similarly to the base mode, but have a fair bit more health. You should find this mode a good entry-level difficulty mode when it comes to tracking.

Spheretrack, inversely, is an entirely new mode featuring full 360 degree tracking, both horizontally and vertically.

Spheretrack is, by my own personal admission, one of the hardest tracking modes available. An invulnerable target moves around you in all directions, at varying speeds and distances, requiring frequent mouse resets while tracking at the same time - This is a mode for truly experienced trackers.

New feature - Custom hitsounds

Those of you that have been playing with hitsounds on have probably noticed that it can, occasionally, be a little harsh on the ears. The cacophony of generic metal sounds you would hear in modes like Gridshot and Spheretrack were never the most pleasant thing in the world - And we hope to change that.

Update 0.51EB introduces Custom hitsounds - We have included a small sample of sounds included in Aim Lab by default, however, you can upload any .wav or .ogg file for your own personalized hitsound experience!

Changes and tweaks

  • Changed Detection task from 60 seconds to 30 targets, ensuring that all rounds played on it receive a fair number of targets.
  • Removed insight referencing a mode that is not currently implemented
  • Fixed bug with leaning that would cause you to get stuck leaning in one direction

So, what are your thoughts on Aim Lab’s new update? Do you agree with the changes? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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