Age of Empires IV Patch 23349: Improvements to Civilization and Ranked Communications, Patch Notes Here

Age of Empires IV
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Age of Empires IV just got a little bit better. Developer Relic Entertainment released a small patch recently, focused on bringing new features and bug fixes to the game. If you want new content, you must wait for over a month.

Two new civilizations, Ottomans and Malians, are coming to Age of Empires IV on October 25. You will also be able to try out these civilizations early during the next Public Update Preview.

You can read the patch highlights below:

Build Spotlight
Ranked Seasons Communication Improvements
  • Added a countdown timer in the Ranked screen which displays the amount of time until the season ends.
  • Ranked season rewards earned from last season can now be viewed during the offseason.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the rank list from displaying the previous season’s rank during the offseason.
  • Added setting for how commands are queued:
    • End On Release: stop appending new commands when releasing the modifier key.
    • Classic: only stop appending new queued commands with Right Click or ESC.
  • The Cancel Construction hotkey is now remappable to a new keybinding under the Fully Remappable Layout.
Quality-of-Life Bug Fixes
  • We’ve made some changes to help address issues with matchmaking into team games using Ranked or Quick Match.
  • A new “Economy Count” category is added to display the total population of the following units:
    • Villagers
    • Traders
    • Fishing ships
    • Imperial Officials
  • Fixed an issue where death animations wouldn’t play for most units if they died in shallow water.
Civilization Improvements
  • Abbasid Dynasty and Delhi Sultanate Mills’ tooltip corrected to reflect that the +100 bonus to Berry Bushes is a flat bonus and not a percentage.
  • Economic Food Technologies’ tooltips updated to specify that the bonus does not apply to hunted meat.
Abbasid Dynasty
  • Abbasid Dynasty Camel Riders’ weapon tooltip corrected to specify that it has bonus damage vs. siege engines.
  • Fixed an issue where Barbican of the Sun did not display springald and cannon windows when upgraded with those emplacements.
Delhi Sultanate
  • Fixed an issue where Delhi Sultanate Elite Archer research time was being increased by 15x instead of the intended 12x.
  • Fixed an issue where Royal Bloodlines would not apply to newly created units if the university that researched the technology was destroyed.
Holy Roman Empire
  • Fixed an issue where the Regnitz Cathedral was unable to use Emergency Repairs when built within a Town Center’s Influence.
Khan Maneuver Arrow’s tooltip corrected to describe increasing movement speed by 33% instead of 0.5 tiles/second.

The patch notes can be read via the official site. You can also purchase the game on Steam for $59.99. Age of Empires IV is also available on PC Game Pass.

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