Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Option to Set Age-Up Transparent Effect Added in Update 13.10442

Update 13.10442
Update 13.10442 Forgotten Empires

The developers deployed Update 13.10442 for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition recently. This patch brought improvements and balancing adjustments.

One of the most notable things added in Update 13.10442 is the new option where you can set the transparent effect on the Age-Up window to improve map visibility. This feature was based on the mod made by Aizamk, which can be found in the UI Options in the settings menu.

The latest update for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition also implemented some balancing changes. For one, units that have Deflect Aura will no longer protect artillery units. Furthermore, the native warrior Boyar from the Phanar Royal House now inflicts more damage to artillery.

There are other changes done as well, and here are the highlights:

Stability and Performance
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the game from booting if the installation path contains non-ASCII characters
  • Fixed crash in max population challenge
  • Fixed a crash when a player disconnects while loading into a Multiplayer Game
User Interface
  • Fixed an issue for the Game Summary screen not displaying the map name, image, and description after loading a save game that was saved from a game chosen from a map set
  • Fixed navigation issues within Photo Mode when using keyboard navigation
  • Removed duplicated Hotkeys for Fixed Gun and Depot
  • Added Hotkey support for “Find Fattened Herdable” and “Find All Fattened Herdables”
Tycoon Mode
  • Added new names for each Tycoon Package Type
  • Added Tycoon Package names to purchase notifications
Units and Buildings
  • Winged Hussar (Vasa Royal House): Winged Hussar delivered by shipments and technologies now has identical stats to the unit trained from Vasa Royal House Trading Posts
  • Armored Pistoleer: Ranged damage was reduced to 45 (from 53); melee damage was reduced to 25 (from 37)
  • Fixed an issue where certain human treasure guardians could not be converted using the Recruit Guardian ability
  • Reduced Fixed Gun minimum range to line up better with the decal being displayed, is now 14 (down from 18)
  • Military Wagon may now properly construct Commanderies
  • Fixed Gun WAGON now has a slightly reduced obstruction radius so has fewer pathing issues in built-up bases and areas with lots of animals
  • Italian Royalist politician now also grants Veteran and Guard upgrades for the Royal Musketeers it delivers upon reaching the Imperial Age; Advanced Politicians card now causes it to give Royal Dragoons instead
  • Yabusame now properly inflict x7 to Fixed Guns

The full patch notes for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Update 13.10442 can be found on the official website.

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