Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Invites Players to Spring Celebration Event in Update 13.4412

Update 13.4412
Update 13.4412 Ensemble Studios

New profile icons and explorer skins can be yours by participating in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition’s Spring Celebration event. From April 19 to May 4, you can complete daily tasks to unlock these exclusive rewards.

For instance, you can get the Heroic Villager explorer customization for Spain if you build a total of 40 farms, fields, mills, or rice paddies in skirmish or multiplayer matches. It doesn’t matter how many games it takes for you to build these structures, so long you can fulfill the objective in time.

Heroic Villager
Heroic Villager Ensemble Studios

Anyway, Update 13.4412 for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition introduces 11 new Spanish cards. One of the most notable is the Peninsular Guerrillas (IV), which improves ranged infantry attack and enables them to see the location of enemies they’ve recently damaged. Liberation March (III) is another pretty useful card because it enables all infantry and cavalry units to train and move faster.


Stability and Performance
  • Added Asset preloading improvements, allowing the game to use extra memory and loading times to increase stability
  • Added checks to help prevent crashes caused by UI mods
User Interface
  • Radial Flare menu can be disabled by unbinding the hotkey option “General Game Hotkeys > Select Flare Type”
  • Added a filter option to only show Co-Op Battles in the multiplayer lobby
  • Game Rules are now displayed within Multiplayer Lobbies
  • Relocating the expanded minimap button so that it won’t clash with other UI
  • Culverin
    • Now inflicts 2x damage to Buildings
    • Now inflicts 2x to Gatling Camels (down from 4x)
Cards (New)
  • INF 7 Lancers (IV)
    • Replaces the current “7 Lancers” and “6 Lancers” shipments
  • TEAM 1 Falconet (III, 200c)
    • Simple shipment of a Falconet to the entire team
  • TEAM 1 Heavy Cannon (IV, 500c)
    • Simple shipment of a Heavy Cannon to the entire team
  • Marvelous Year (III):
    • Current Training Time Improvement: -27.5%
    • Current Gathering Speed Improvement: +20%
  • House of Trastamára (II):
    • For each card that arrived after the last completed Age-up
    • Next Age-up time improved by -8.5%
    • Next Age-up cost is reduced by 100 resources
    • Effects apply once to the NEXT Age-up only
    • Progress is reset with each completed Age-up
  • Viceroyalty of New Spain (III):
    • Ships 2 Hacienda Wagons that can transform into Haciendas where Settlers may gather resources or produce Cows, more Settlers, or powerful Soldados
  • Nuestras Señoras (IV, 2000c):
    • Ships 2 Mighty Battleships
  • Reconquista (II):
  • Ships 1 Conquistador for each 5 Archaic Infantry you have lost (up to a maximum of 10) All Hand Infantry and Foot Archers are Archaic Infantry
  • INF 1 Battleship (IV, 1000c):
    • Ships a Mighty Battleship

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition Update 13.4412 is available on PC.

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