Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Improves Random Number Generator and More via Update 81058

Update 81058
Update 81058 Forgotten Empires

Update 81058 for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is now available. One of its highlights is the new and improved RNG.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition developers improved the game’s random number generator, aka RNG. This was to avoid situations where the game could return the same result over and over again. These improvements apply to the villager training randomness, accuracy of ranged units, and conversion randomness, among others. Players who were frustrated by the lack of randomness in-game should download Update 81058 right away.

In addition, this patch introduced a new technology called the Gambeson. When researched, the Militia line of units (Militia, Man-at-Arms, Long Swordsman, Two-handed Swordsman, and Champion) will be equipped with armor that increases their resistance against missile damage by one. This technology is available during the Castle Age after “Supplies” have been researched.

Patch Notes

  • Fish Traps can no longer be stolen by Fishing Ships of other players if they are being worked on.
  • When attempting to garrison units, units will now move to the targeted building even if it is full.
  • Monks and Priests with relics do not drop relics anymore when tasked to a full Monastery. Instead, “the building is full” message appears.
  • Villagers no longer stay idle after finishing constructing a building, garrisoning into it and being ungarrisoned by send back to work button.
  • Units no longer evacuate Fish Trap foundations when it starts being constructed.
  • Enemy players during treaty are no longer treated as allies when doing the spy/treason command.
  • Auto Scout no longer fails to work in games with Explored map reveal setting.
  • Adding units to a control group no longer causes the group to hold more units than selectable. Excess units are now correctly removed from the control group and the new units selected get correctly appended to the group.
  • Unit spawning cheats no longer cause parts of the map next to the bottom left map edge to be revealed.
  • Allowed players to use ctrl/shift-click to ungarrison their units from ally buildings again.
  • Players are no longer able to ungarrison other player’s units from allied player’s buildings when ungarrisoning units with ctrl/shift-click.
  • Relic carts now change ownership without time delay.
  • Eagle Scout, Eagle Warrior, and Elite Eagle Warrior cost increased from 20 food and 50 gold > 25 food and 50 gold
  • (Elite) Elephant Archer train time decreased from 34 seconds > 32 seconds
  • Elite Elephant Archer upgrade cost reduced from 1000 food and 800 gold > 900 food and 500 gold
  • Cannon Galleon Adjustments:
    • (Elite) Cannon Galleon damage increased from 35 (45) > 50 (60)
    • (Elite) Cannon Galleon bonus damage vs Infantry, Archers, Cavalry and Mamelukes decreased from 15 > 0
    • (Elite) Cannon Galleon bonus damage vs Siege decreased from 40 > 25
    • (Elite) Cannon Galleon accuracy increased from 50% > 100%

The full changelog can be found on the official website.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Update 81058 is available on PC.

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