Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Adds New Features Based on Popular Mods via Update 81058

Update 81058
Update 81058 Forgotten Empires

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is already a pretty good game by itself. However, the community can create mods to tweak certain aspects of this real-time strategy title, making it even better.

That said, Update 81058 introduced new features based on some popular mods, namely Small Trees and Idle Pointers. The maps in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition contain plenty of trees that may obstruct the player’s vision. Small Trees is a new feature that replaces all of the default trees with visually smaller ones.

Sometimes, players struggle to deal with idle workers; very problematic for those who play this game competitively because every second counts. The new Idle Pointers feature puts an exclamation mark on top of economy units, such as Villagers, Fishing Ships, Trade Cards, and Cogs, so players can utilize them as soon as they start idling. This makes it so that it would be impossible for them to ignore lazy units.

Players who want to enable these new features can head to Settings > Options > Game Menu.


  • The game no longer becomes unresponsive and loses multiplayer features when leaving a clan.
  • Typing in the Scenario Editor search bar and then pressing enter no longer causes a crash.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Stone Mine variations had black marks.
  • Unit movement animation no longer stutters while following/guarding another unit when the unit is moving.
  • Fixed an issue where the shield was upside down in Legionary idle and walk animations.
  • Legionary attack animation now has two extra variations which are used when facing different angles.
  • Added the fire version of Slinger’s projectile which is used after Chemistry is researched.
  • Villagers no longer use the audio confirmation of the task they are assigned when told to garrison, the move sound is used instead.
  • Updated the Civilization Theme and Jingle for the Bengalis.
  • Fixed an issue where the Technology Tree was showing the item costs from the currently played civilization when viewing another civilization’s Technology Tree.
  • Removed the inaccurate mention of range increase from the “Upgrade to Keep” tooltip.
  • The Profile Menu does not close anymore when unsubscribing from an event mod.
  • Age Up Button’s non-extended tooltip now lists the requirements to age up.
  • Updated the extended tooltip of the Kataparuto technology to make it clearer.
  • Fixed some localization issues in multiplayer leaderboard menus on Xbox.
  • Fixed an issue where Town Center costs were shown incorrectly in the Technology Tree for civilizations with cheaper Town Centers.
  • Event Mods part of the Player Profile Menu will no longer display if there is no connection.

Do you like the addition of Small Trees and Idle Pointers in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Update 81058?

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