Adventure Time - Champions and Challengers Review: Battle The Evil Dice Lord In This New Mobile RPG

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Champions and Challengers is Cartoon Network's latest Adventure Time themed mobile game. Find out our thoughts on the new RPG, here. Player.One

On Thursday, Cartoon Network announced the release of its latest Adventure Time-themed mobile game, Champions and Challengers, and for fans of turn-based RPGs, this one isn’t half bad. Plus, if you happen to like Adventure Time, then the cartoon-themed game should be right up your alley.

Adventure Time - Champions & Challengers Basic Gameplay

adventure, time, game, challengers, and, champions, review, rpg, pvp, battles
Champions and Challengers is a new mobile RPG by Cartoon Network. Photo: Player.One

Gameplay in Champions and Challenger s follows a standard RPG format. When you first begin the game, you are given three basic heroes, which you will use to battle against enemies. If you are playing a solo adventure, you will work your way through Episodes, each composed of 9 major battles or dungeons you must beat in order to unlock the next Episode of your journey.  Each battle you take on will contain two or more waves of enemies. Each hero and enemy in the game has different amounts of health and attack points and each requires different amounts of time before they can make their attacks. During a fight, you can decide which enemy you want your heroes to target by swiping across them. If you swipe across more than one enemy, then the attack points will be split between all the enemies selected. Each time you successfully land an attack on an enemy, you earn a drop of Mojo which is used to activate your heroes’ special abilities. Special abilities can be things like healing, super punches, or stun. Different kinds of abilities require different amounts of Mojo to activate them. In addition to attacking, there is also a block button you can use when you see an enemy is powered up and preparing to attack. If your timing is right and you manage to block an attack, you’ll also earn a Mojo point. If your heroes manage to make it through all the waves of a battle with at least one hero still standing, you’ll earn rewards like coins, experience, gems and other game currencies as well as unlock the next battle in the Episode.

adventure, time, game, challengers, and, champions, review, rpg, pvp, battles
Champions and Challengers battles come in waves as heroes battle enemies to the death. Photo: Player.One

Once you start earning some coins, you’ll use those to purchase different kinds of dice which are like loot boxes. Dice offer different kinds of materials you’ll use in the game. They are as follows:

  • Hero Cards - Some hero cards will be new and unlock extra choices to add to your team, while others may be duplicates you can use to increase a hero’s rank.

  • Tokens - Heroes come in different types (science, fire, dark, might and magic) and so do tokens. When you collect enough of a certain type of token, you can use it to train heroes of that type to increase their attack, health and critical hit chance.

  • Tricks - Tricks are extra boosts you can use during battle. A trick can only be used once and then it is expired.

  • Artifacts - these are kind of like tricks but they can be equipped by heroes to give a passive advantage of some kinds. Artifacts only last a certain amount of uses.

adventure, time, game, challengers, and, champions, review, rpg, pvp, battles
At level four, players unlock Arena mode for real-time PvP battles. Photo: Player.One

As you continue to level up, you’ll eventually unlock a new game mode called the Arena where you can participate in real time PvP battles and earn more prizes and heroes.

While Champions and Challengers isn’t the most innovative game I’ve ever played, the various characters you can unlock and the signature artwork and animations included makes it entertaining enough to be worth a few hours of your life. Champions and Challengers is a free-to-play offering and so you can download it now in either the Google Play or Apple App store for free. If you enjoy a casual RPG adventure, be sure to check it out.


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