Across the Obelisk is Now Available for the Nintendo Switch

Now on a new platform. Paradox Interactive

The cooperative deck-building game Across the Obelisk is now available for the Nintendo Switch. That's not the only good news since Paradox Interactive also revealed that the game is also releasing on all console platforms in 2024. Across the Obelisk is a roguelite deck-building role-playing game that features a unique cooperative multiplayer experience where players get to form parties and play together across any and all platforms where the game is available.

The game had already been released for the PC in 2021. The version released for the Nintendo Switch doesn't only have the main game but also makes available all the DLC that have been released so far. The game is priced at $24.99 with those who want more can go for the Starter Set bundle which is available for $37.50. In addition to the base game, the bundle comes with the player-favorite Sands of Ulminin expansion and the added hero expansion who is Amelia, the Queen.

Talking about this latest milestone, Javier de Miguel, who is a Game Developer at Dreamsite Games, revealed in a statement that players should now be able to play with friends no matter the platform. With the inclusion of the DLC, he added that this was done so that players won't have to worry whether they have the content or not.

In Across the Obelisk, players get to team up with friends and experience a different kind of roguelite deckbuilding game. They get to craft decks of enormous power and lead their party on a thrilling quest to rescue a realm in turmoil. Main features include:

  • While players need to come up with a strategy, they'll need to be prepared and adapt to the procedurally generated events they encounter.
  • Build decks from 500+ cards, over 300 items and 16 heroes in four different classes.
  • Take sole control of the party of four heroes, or bring fellow adventurers along for the ride in 2-4 player online co-op.
  • Coordinate with the party in tactical combat and experiment with different class combinations for entirely new ways to play.
  • Encounter powerful bosses and navigate events and quests where your decisions affect how the story unfolds.

Enjoy endless replayability with three in-depth game modes to master.

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