Acidic Glavenus Gets Its Own Trailer For Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

First shown during SDCC.
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Acidic Glavenus
Capcom debuts a new gameplay trailer for the Acidic Glavenus, one of the upcoming monsters for the Iceborne expansion of Monster Hunter World. Capcom

Capcom has just released new gameplay for theMonster Hunter World's upcoming fully fledged Iceborne expansion, this time featuring a subspecies of the beloved monster Glavenus: the Acidic Glavenus. This was shown during the game’s panel at San Diego Comic Con

The Glavenus, which are classified as Brute Wyverns, were first introduced in Monster Hunter Generations back when it was released in 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS. The first iteration of the species came in the form of Hellblade Glavenus, which specialized in fire attacks and tail sweeps. This time, the Acidic Glavenus focuses on calculated and precise attacks and abilities amplified by (you guessed it) acid.

The 50 second clip showed some of Acidic Glavenus’ moves, mostly tail attacks. Unlike Hellblade Glavenus, which uses its tail to launch attacks with a great area of effect with sweeps and swings similar to a greatsword, Acidic Glavenus uses its pointy tail like a fencer’s sword; combining whips, jabs and slams that focus all of its damage in a smaller area. Aside from its precise tail strikes, its sulfur coated tail blade that can cause corrosive sulfuric acid debuffs adds to the Acidic Glavenus’ deadliness.

Aside from the Acidic Glavenus, Capcom has also unveiled new designs for two new monsters that will be making their appearances in Iceborne: the Fulgur Anjanath and the Ebony Odogaron. Fans would have surely loved to see videos for two of these beasts, but alas, its just the Acidic Glavenus for the meantime.

The Acidic Glavenus is just one of the new monsters that will soon be introduced in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. What has been announced so far are the Banbaro, a Brute Wyvern with massive horns, the Beotodus, a Piscene Wyvern that inhabits Hoarfrost Reach, Barioth, a Flying Wyvern with fearsome tusks, and Velkhana, an Elder Dragon that can control cold weather and attacks enemies with its freezing breath.

Iceborne is scheduled to launch on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on September 6, with a PC released scheduled in Q4 2019. July has been a pretty eventful month for Capcom, with notable news such as Resident Evil 5 and 6 will be released for the Switch, and the recent launch of their foray into digital card games with Teppen.

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