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When talking about PC gaming accessories, most gamers think about a mouse, keyboard, and headphones, but PC gaming goes beyond that. We don't want to waste your time recommending obvious products/accessories, so these accessories will help in improving your gaming experience, all without increasing framerate or improving refresh rates. So, if you're already wondering about these accessories, let's jump right into it. Here are eight accessories every PC gamer needs.

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Air Canisters

To keep the keyboards and dust filters clean
To keep the keyboards and dust filters clean Amazon

Dust not only makes your gaming setup look less pleasing, it can also cause performance issues if left unattended. Dust can easily make its way into gaps between the keys on your keyboard and the dust filters of your case. With an air canister, you no longer have to worry about dust accumulating in your keyboard or case, so long as you give these areas a quick blast of air every now and then.

Desk Pad

Helps in keeping your desk tidy
Helps in keeping your desk tidy Amazon

A desk pad, or a large mousepad if you will, helps in keeping your desk clean and tidy. Additionally, it also helps you with performing consistently during intense gaming moments. With a large mousepad, you will never run out of space when flicking a 360.

Mouse Cable Holder

For excellent cable management
For excellent cable management Amazon

If your mouse has got a long or heavy cable, which tends to pull the mouse toward it, a mouse cable holder can be of great help. Although, it'll limit your excuses when you die.

External Hard Drive

Backup is important!
Backup is important! Amazon

An external hard drive is a great benefit when you have too many games to store on your PC. In fact, if you're subscribed to PS+ or Xbox Live Gold, you won't have to always re-download a game when you choose to play it.

A Decent Controller

For those reckless driving moments
For those reckless driving moments Amazon

Let's all admit it, nobody plays racing games with a keyboard and mouse. Investing in a controller becomes necessary. However, it's always best to invest in a controller that helps you with winning races. Apart from just racing games, a controller is also a great option when you choose to play an RPG or adventure game like The Witcher 3 or Assassin's Creed.

Headset Holder

For staying organized, my friend!
For staying organized, my friend! Amazon

If you want to keep your desk clean and tidy, keep your headphones and coffee mug away from it. Well, now where do you keep your headphones, then? Don't hang them on the monitor either, invest in an affordable headset holder.

A Comfortable Gaming Chair

For long gaming sessions!
For long gaming sessions! Amazon

While gaming is fun, it is not as important as your health. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair for long durations can result in health issues over time. You can minimize this risk by investing in a specially designed gaming chair like the one from Hbada.

Cable Management Sleeve

For slick cable management
For slick cable management Amazon

Cable sleeves ensure that all of your cables are in order and safe from being knotted into each other. Cable sleeves are especially important if you've got pets that tend to chew at wires. With minimal investment, you can keep both your pets and PC safe.

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