The 8 Best Cheap VR Headsets Under $50

Best VR Headsets Under $50
There are so many options to try for people who are looking for affordable VR headsets.
There are so many options to try for people who are looking for affordable VR headsets. Canbor/Amazon

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford premium VR headsets that retail for hundreds of dollars. And for those of us who are reluctant to blow our money on high-end virtual reality devices, there are still plenty of options available on the market that cater to and even satisfy to our techie needs.

We’ve searched high and low for the best affordable VR headsets that are priced below $50 and we managed to find eight devices. Do note that each product on our list works with both iPhone and Android devices. Some of them also come with their own accessories for a more advanced user experience.

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Pansonite VR Headset with Remote Controller

Pansonite VR Headset
Pansonite VR Headset Pansonite/Amazon

This device is lauded for offering the best quality of experience in its class. Just a few dollars short of reaching fifty bucks, the headset is very capable of delivering an immersive, fun, and exciting world of VR to users. It also comes with a special sound field technology that brings excellent 3D audio effect to the ears. Its distinctive suction cup design also makes it easy to keep a smartphone in place.

Gearsone Virtual Reality Goggles with Controller

Gearsone Virtual Reality Goggles
Gearsone Virtual Reality Goggles Gearson/Amazon

Gearsone’s entry to this list is also a remarkable device, with its 94 percent high light transmission and 103 degree Field of View. Using this headset feels like you are staring at a panoramic IMAX private theater. The conductive touch button atop the device makes it easy for users to control VR games that support the trigger. The Bluetooth controller that comes bundled also doubles as a game pad or music controller.

Bnext Universal Virtual Reality Goggles Ver2.0

Bnext Universal Virtual Reality Goggles
Bnext Universal Virtual Reality Goggles Bnext/Amazon

What’s good about this VR headset is its compatible with almost all of the active and non-obsolete iPhones and the wide array of Android smartphones. With its advanced viewing technology, this VR headset is perfect for watching movies and enjoying virtual reality games. Bnext is also offering exclusive VR content and online support for this line of headsets.

Atlasonix 3D Virtual Reality Headset

Atlasonix 3D Virtual Reality Headset
Atlasonix 3D Virtual Reality Headset Atlasonix/Amazon

You can transform your iPhone or Android smartphone into a powerful gaming machine with this device that boasts exciting tools and features designed to transport you to your very own 3D world. The adjustable head strap ensures that you can wear the VR goggles for long periods. The breathable foam face also enhances the comfort of wearing it for hours.

Osloon 3D VR Glasses

Osloon 3D VR Glasses
Osloon 3D VR Glasses Optoslon/Amazon

Another high-quality VR headset that doesn’t break the bank, the Osloon 3D VR glasses come with memory foam so it stays soft and comfortable to wear. This also reduces the pressure the headset puts on the ears. The durable and adjustable T-shaped straps also make it possible to fit kids and adults. Its high-grade optical resin lens reduces fatigue and straining and prevents users from getting dizzy.

WorldSeng VR Headset with Stereo Headphone

WorldSeng VR Headset
WorldSeng VR Headset WorldSeng/Amazon

This 2019 reiteration of the headset line from WorldSeng is very different from its predecessor. It took two years for the company to release this model because a lot of work went into upgrading the internal components of the device. The result is a stellar VR unit that offers a seamless virtual experience through its HD resin aspherical lens, which completely eliminates the risk of suffering vertigo.

Canbor VR Headset with Remote Controller

Canbor VR Headset
Canbor VR Headset Canbor/Amazon

Compared to its rivals, the Canbor VR headset is super lightweight. This is of course a good thing, as it means long hours of entertainment without feeling the burden of a weighty head-mounted device. The eye-friendly lens makes users enjoy a panoramic 3D world within the confines of their homes. The lens is also anti-radiation and anti-blue light, so it is guaranteed to protect the eyes from visual fatigue.

Hamswan 3D Virtual Reality Headset

Hamswan 3D Virtual Reality Headset
Hamswan 3D Virtual Reality Headset Hamswan/Amazon

The most affordable entry can bravely hold a candle to the other devices on this list thanks to its innovative fabric design, adjustable nylon headband, and aspheric optical resin lens. The breathable face padding is made of soft leather, so it doesn't put a lot of pressure on the face, head, and nose. The detachable front lid also ensures that the device has good heat dissipation throughout its use.

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