Iron Man VR: 20 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage From SDCC 2019 Released

The PSVR-exclusive title is expected to release sometime this year.
Developer Camouflaj showcased 20 minutes of gameplay footage for Iron Man VR at SDCC.
Developer Camouflaj showcased 20 minutes of gameplay footage for Iron Man VR at SDCC. Camouflaj

Some new gameplay footage for the upcoming Iron Man VR has been unveiled during this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The footage showcasing gameplay elements and controls for the title ran for 20 minutes and was simultaneously shown on Marvel’s livestream.

(Skip to 1:06:00 for the gameplay footage)

The 20-minute video has shown that the game will put you in Tony Stark’s shoes, (or rather, suit). Set in the Avenger’s Malibu mansion, the first few minutes showcased the player gliding, flying, and hovering all around the landscape. By waving the PS Move wands, the player is able to control the altitude of the suit. Also, the game shows an emphasis on making you feel like the titular avenger. Just looking down at your hands and seeing the iconic red armor will make you feel like you are actually in the Iron Man suit. Never mind that your HUD looks like the inside of Iron Man’s helmet as seen in the box-office hit movies.

The next few minutes function as a tutorial to make sure new players aren’t overwhelmed by the vast world that Iron Man VR offers. During this time, the player looped and flied through rocky formations in the middle of the sea, and did a few test shots of Iron Man’s repulsor whilst in mid-air.

Ryan Paton from developer Camouflaj, who was present during the gameplay demo, emphasized that despite the amount of VR games present in the market, “nobody’s played a game like this..”. By this statement, he is referring to the freedom of movement you have in game and the environment you can explore. Add that to the other mechanics that players need to learn such as maneuvering and shooting while flying.

Aside from the flying and the shooting and the overall fun factor that just those two offer, we’ve also been given a sneak peek at an important cast member for the game: Pepper Potts. Maybe you’ll also get to fly as Pepper in her own Iron suit.

Camouflaj promises a fully fleshed out campaign based on an original story once it releases. So far, Iron Man VR looks promising and seems like it will set the standard for VR games in the near future. Iron Man VR is set to launch later this year exclusively for the PlayStation VR.

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