5 Things We Want To See In 'Far Cry 5'

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Far Cry 5 has been confirmed, and here's what we would like to see in it Ubisoft

Far Cry 5 had a series of trailers release yesterday, confirming a Montana setting called Hope County. The trailers all show beautiful shots of the American West that are briefly punctuated by moments of jarring violence. The first can be found at the top of the page, while the others are shown below.

Unfortunately, there are still a ton of questions left about the setting, gameplay and more. Ubisoft mentions a full reveal is coming on May 26, which gives us plenty of time to come up with all sorts of things we want to see. Here are five of our best ideas for what we want to be included in Far Cry 5.

#1 Weird Stuff

The Far Cry games have tended to walk a serious line when it comes to storytelling, especially since many of the games revolve around fighting back against evil dictators and military forces. That being said, each game also tends to mix in a healthy dose of supernatural spookiness and mythical weirdness, like Yeti DLC for Far Cry 4.

Thankfully, this tradition seems like it will continue. According to the Great Falls Tribune, a film crew was interviewed while recording footage at a church in Montana. While the game goes unmentioned, the scene described in the article perfectly matches one of the above trailers. One of the crew members mentions that there was interest in the story of a “Goat Man,” a local myth to the residents of Montana. Expect to see this fabled Goat Man make some kind of appearance in Far Cry 5.

#2 An Interesting Time Period

All of the main Far Cry games have been set in modern times, so it would be cool to see Far Cry 5 mix it up a little. You’ll notice there’s nothing in those trailers that definitively nails down what timeframe the game will take place in (with one major exception, which I’ll get to later).

Seeing as how the church seen in the trailer was built in 1904, this game could take place anywhere from that time to now. One obvious cause of conflict in the area could be tied to Native Americans defending their land from white settlers. For reference, the Battle of the Little Bighorn was fought in 1876, so the wounds would still be pretty fresh.

Of course, the major exception is in the third trailer. Power lines are very clearly visible around the church, which really throws any ideas of a game set in the past out the window. That leads to the next item on this list...

#3 The Return of the Gyrocopter

If Far Cry 5 is going to be set in the present day, then the greatest vehicle the franchise has seen needs to make a return. The gyrocopter first appeared in Far Cry 4 and it was just the best. Not only did it serve as a quick and easy way to jump around the map, you could also pilot it with one hand and use the other to rain down hell below you with a grenade launcher.

Seriously, one of the best things to do in Far Cry 4 is to fly over an outpost and just blow everyone up without them even knowing you’re there.

#4 Animal Friends

Far Cry Primal may not have been a mainline Far Cry game, but it introduced some new ideas to the franchise that Far Cry 5 could learn from. One of the new mechanics allowed players to tame animals and summon them to be your allies in combat. Regardless of the time frame, this could be great for the latest game as well.

Not to mention there are some great wildlife choices in Montana. Players would be able to tame bison, cougars, wolves, elk, grizzly bears and more. Even if you can’t tame them, expect to have to fight off some of these animals while running around in the wilderness.

#5 A Radio Host As Good As Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj’s Rabi Ray Rana was hysterical to listen to driving across the dirt roads of Kyrat. If there’s another radio DJ in Far Cry 5, he or she has some pretty big boots to fill. Hopefully whoever gets cast isn’t as bad as Ubisoft’s latest radio host from Ghost Recon Wildlands . You know things are bad when Ubisoft has to mute all of the game’s radios in a patch.

So what do you think? Are you excited to learn more about Far Cry 5 when it is revealed? Is there anything we missed on our list that you’re excited for? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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