3on3 FreeStyle Opens Winter Season Ranked Mode with Cross-Play

It's another one of those Xbox vs PS things.
It's another one of those Xbox vs PS things. Joycity

3on3 Freestyle is starting the 2021 Winter Season Ranked Mode with good news for players. The game now offers cross-play and multi-platform support, the first since the official game release. These new features arrive through an update, which also brings balancing changes that give the game a polished feel along with more refined gameplay.

The new Ranked Mode season offers everyone something new as well. Unlike the previous ones, the new season makes use of a single-rank model that spans all gaming platforms: PC, PS4, and Xbox One. With cross-play, this should make competitive play even more exciting.

It’s not all that’s changing this season. In past seasons, a player’s starting rank in a new season was based on the final rank of the player from the previous season. But with a new Ranked Mode season having cross-play, everyone is on an equal footing. What this means is that console and PC players now start on the same level, another first for the game.

Balance Updates

Talking about balance updates, improvements have been made for five playable characters. These include:

  • Fei (PF)
    • Fei’s high scoring ability continues to be the same. However, with her Chip Out and Steal Counter being improved, this should give her a huge synergy power in the Big Two position. Fie’s base attributes have been improved as well to make her more effective, especially when marking fast opponents.
  • Rin (SG)
    • With the changes, Rin now has more chances to make space. Her enhanced Leg Through Back Dribble skill now lets her use more Jump Shot and thus maximizing her ability. Meanwhile, her One Ultimate Shot, along with Shot Fake Pass, is now more usable than ever.
  • Rebecca (SF)
    • Rebecca is typically powerful only when she has the ball. With the balance updates, she now performs her role better, whether she has the ball with her or not. Her base attributes have been improved allowing her to be more of a threat.
  • Little Fox (PG)
    • Little Fox had an excellent attack ability while also having a strong defense skill. His shot abilities have been adjusted while his Court Commander skill improved to make him fit the role better.
  • Jimmy (C)
    • Jimmy has always been biased to Rebound. For this new update, his rebound attribute has been adjusted and the stamina cost of his shot skills has been lowered. This should let Jimmy perform more of his powerful shots.

You can view the other changes that arrived with the update here.

Get 3on3 Freestyle for Xbox and PS4. The game is also available on PC through Steam, titled 3on3 Freestyle: Rebound.

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