‘1, 2 Switch’ Team Has ‘Close To 200’ Minigame Ideas, Updates A Possibility

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'1, 2 Switch' will be a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo

This week, Nintendo hosted a special media presentation and demo of the Nintendo Switch launch title, 1, 2 Switch.

The presentation showcased one of the game modes, Team Battle mode, perfect for getting a large group of friends together. In Team Battle mode, a group of friends break up into two smaller groups, red and blue, as they face off to make it to the end a game board.

Each team will face off in one-on-one battles using one of the 28 confirmed 1, 2 Switch minigames. Whichever team wins gets to spin a wheel to move their team that amount of spaces on the game board. This also determines the next game. It’s a fun race to the finish as you try to rack up wins.

You’ll definitely want to have some friends over to play this game as there is no “dedicated single-player mode” but there are plenty of mini games to challenge your friends.

The 1, 2 Switch team revealed that there were a lot of minigames in development before they decided on the 28 included in the final product.

“We started with over 100 ideas, close to 200, and we started narrowing it down by which would make the best use of the HD rumble as well as the high motion camera which is found in the joy con,” Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said. “We also tried to keep in mind how the game's enjoyment would change based on who you were playing with. We wanted to focus on the eye to eye interaction make sure that the person you’re playing with experiences it with you.”

And will we ever get to see those other minigames in the future? There is always a possibility that will happen.

“It’s possible we could make them in an update it’s possible that we can take them and create a whole new different game with them. We haven’t made a decision yet on what to do with all of those ideas so unfortunately we can’t give you a concrete answer,” Nintendo director Shinya Takahashi said. “But I can say that we will continue to develop new ways that introduce new ways to play that leverage the different ways to play the NIntendo Switch so look forward to that.”

With the reveal that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will have DLC, it seems 1, 2 Switch could go the same route if gamers want more than the 28 games included in the retail version.

1, 2 Switch will release March 3 for the Nintendo Switch.Are you open to the idea of 1, 2 Switch getting updates or DLC? Let us know in the comments section below.

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