Zenescope Universe Brings Darkness to Second Life

A darkness arrives.
A darkness arrives. Linden Lab

The Zenescope Universe is filled with a lot of bad-ass female characters, which are quite dark and twisted. All of that is coming to Second Life. This collaboration will let players meet new characters and experience new content, all from Zenescope.

To give you a better understanding of Zenescope, it is a female-driven shared universe that offers dark spins on some well-known characters like Alice in Wonderland, Van Helsing, and Robyn Hood. This collaboration is for those who prefer mature females and have a strong interest in fantasy narratives. It’s also the first time that Zenescope is presented in a virtual world.

Second Life players get to meet and interact with classic fairytale characters brought to life by Zenescope through its comic books and graphic novels. The new virtual experience features Cinderella: Serial Killer Princess and Belle: The Beast Hunter, among many others.

There are also locations and various references to the heroes and villains of the Zenescope universe. There’s the Goblin Golf, for example, that is fully playable. Players can also look forward to seeing Rockman’s Ice Cream shop.

Here are some of the things that players can look forward to:

  • Familiar Cindy, Belle, and Mad Hatter character costumes and avatars
  • Multiple scenarios and storylines to follow
  • More than 50 exclusive virtual collectibles and branded merchandise items like clothing, furnishings, and the fan-favorite Cheshire cat plushie
  • Games and activities like the fully playable Goblin Golf and the Mad Hatter’s Hedge Maze, complete with trophies
  • A clandestine quest, hidden locations, and other secrets

In a statement, Ralph Tedeso of Zenescope shared that the collaboration was a unique and fun concept. This was mainly because of the fact that players could interact with some of their characters. He added that it has been amazing to see their universe come to life and look forward to having more of the Zenescope metaverse in the game.

Brad Oberwager of Linden Lab revealed that they were excited to bring the characters of the Zenescope universe to life in the game. He went on to say that this is the start of an exciting brand and is looking forward to expanding it.

Learn more about the Zenescope Metaverse inside Second Life here.

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