Zack Snyder Reportedly Fired From Justice League Before He Stepped Down

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Zack Snyder on the set of Justice League
Zack Snyder on the set of Justice League @ZackSnyder

Three months after the release of Justice League, there’s still a healthy abundance of conjecture to be had over what exactly went wrong. Recent developments suggest Warner Bros. saw the bomb coming and prepared for damage control immediately after the film’s release. Moreover, director and initial architect of DC Films, Zack Snyder, was reportedly fired by Warner Bros. before he publicly stepped down. Josh L. Dickley, formerly of Mashable, tweeted that Snyder was actually let go about a year ago.

This news isn’t exactly shocking, but it is consistent with the controversy regarding a Snyder cut of Justice League . With every bit of information about the Snyder cut, there’s this undercurrent of tension between Snyder and the studio. Irrespective of how you might feel qualitatively about Snyder’s vision, the films did not get the job done at the box office under his reign. In fact, the studio reportedly blames Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice for Justice League’s under-performance at the box office.

Zack has always been diplomatic and even promoted the film and insisted on its merits after he had long since been relieved from his duties at Warner Bros. Whether or not a Snyder cut exists in any kind of coherent form, we are getting pieces here and there that suggest a very different tone and direction for the film, most recently a look at Superman’s black suit, which was not featured in the theatrical release.

Do you think Warner Bros. made the right move to give Snyder the boot? Or would you have liked to have seen the Snyderverse through?

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