‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links’ Welcome To Toon World Event Temporarily Suspended

yugioh duel links pegasus
Pegasus will be one of many classic characters from the original 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' anime. Konami

The Welcome to Toon World event in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links was supposed to begin Jan. 25, but when players logged in to the popular mobile card game they were greeted by a notice from Konami explaining that the event is temporarily suspended.

According to the in-game notice, the Welcome to Toon World event was suspended because of server stress caused by a concentration of accesses.

Konami did say the Duel Links event will recommence once the server issues are squared away and players received 400 gems for their trouble.

The Welcome to Toon World event in Duel Links will give players a chance to unlock Pegasus as a character and win most of Pegasus’ Toon cards, including Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon. Once the new event is live, we’ll update with more details about how players can win cards and unlock Pegasus.

Duel Links already had a mini-event by having Yugi Muto (not Yami) appearing in the Duel World for duelists to win his cards including Gandora, the Dragon of Destruction.

While you wait, be sure to spend your gifted gems in the Card Shop. You can check out the entire card list for Age of Discovery, Neo-Impact and The Ultimate Rising sets. 

When do you think the Welcome to Toon World Event will appear in Duel Links? What will you do to pass the time until then? Sound off in the comments section below.

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