XSEED Games to Publish The Big Catch with a Possible Release in 2025

A good combination of retro and modern. XSEED Games

XSEED Games that they've agreed to publish The Big Catch. This movement-focused 3D platformer is still under development and was Kickstarted by the Filet Group back in 2022. The game is planned to be released in 2025 and to be available for the PC through Steam.

That may seem to be far off but not to worry. That's because it's now possible to wishlist the game in Steam. But wait, there's more! A publicly playable demo is now available also on Steam.

The game focuses on the acrobatic fisherman named Caster. He's been going to the world hunting for long-lost secrets while also learning more about the untold history that's lying just under the surface of his mysterious homeland. The Big Catch actually refers to a restaurant where Caster works. He's been asked by boss, the esteemed and enigmatic Chef Leurre, to save the restaurant. Travelling with him is his kinsman and rival Tackle.

Key features of the game include:

  • Tackle Thrilling 3D Platforming
    • Navigate the many regions of the desert that's full of obstacles and puzzles.
    • Explore the area with a wide range of of moves that include running, climbing, grinding, and swimming.
    • This is all to hunt fish and uncover hidden treasures of a bygone era.
  • Reel in the Mystery
    • A long-buried history of this world lies hidden under its barren plains.
    • Explore an open world filled with unique characters and uncover truths most won't ever know.
  • Angle for Adventure
    • Fishing is more than a trade.
    • It's how Caster finds new paths and fights off trouble.
    • Use the rod to catch, toss, swing, and pull especially to reel in the big one and take down enemies in your way.
  • A Nostalgic Hook
    • Inspired by action platformers at the turn of the millennium, the game brings to mind the ideas and style of the era and builds on that foundation with memorable gameplay, characters, music, and more.

Talking about this upcoming title XSEED Games Executive Vice President Kenji Hosoi shared in a statement that the game is an excellent mix of retro and modern platforming.

Filet Group President & CEO Quade Zaban revealed in a statement that with just one meeting with XSEED Games, they knew that they were talking with people that understood where they are coming fan when it came to the game. There's always been a "deep sense of respect and ambition" coming from the small teams that worked on their favorite games and for Zaban, it was truly infectious. He went on to say that they hope to capture "some of that spirit" with this title.

What do you think? Ready to give this one a shot?

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