XERA Survival Patch 1.0 Release Notes: New Features, Clan System, and More

XERA: Survival
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XERA: Survival is finally out of early access and the first patch is here for the live build. The patch added new items, features, and bug fixes. The addition of the Clan System might be the most exciting feature, allowing you to build with other players. When players place a claimed land, other members of the clan can build inside that land. Only the clan leaders, however, can destroy building properties, otherwise, it could lead to a ton of trolling.

The developers have also implemented some changes like Turrets allowed to shoot an enemy inside your claimed land. But the same structure won’t shoot any friendlies. The Turrets also have increased ammo count, which makes it a reliable defense tool.

XERA: Survival Patch 1.0 Highlights

  • Added Salt item
  • Added Xoidite-X Ore
  • Added Xoidite-S Ore
  • Added Xoidite-H Ore
  • Added Xoidite-X Shards
Crafting Menu
  • Added Xoidite Explosive Device Crafting Recipe (Requires Tier 3 Workbench)
  • Updated EMP Grenade Recipe
  • Added Wires Crafting Recipe (Requires Tier 1 Workbench)
  • Added Deer Jerky Crafting Recipe
  • Added Mushroom Soup Crafting Recipe
Missions System
  • Revised all Campaign Missions to be more player-friendly
  • Expanded total number of Campaign missions to 93 total.
  • Increased total experience from completing the campaign to 300,000 total (was 64,000)
  • Added clan system UI to the main menu
  • Fixed an issue with container labels overflowing
  • Fixed an issue with item tooltip overflowing
  • Fixed an issue with social buttons not working correctly on the main menu
  • Furnaces will no longer burn fuel when no items are needed to be smelted
  • Added Reinforced Metal base tier
  • Added Refinery item - used for refining xoidite ore into xoidite shards
  • Added Reinforced Metal Press - used for the crafting of metal plates
Crater Lab Event
  • Added new Crater Lab Event to the map replacing one of the reactor compound events.
  • Added keycard system allowing Crater Lab Keycards to be used to access the cater lab facility
Helicopter Transporter
  • Removed time to arrive, location traveling to is still available
  • Increased time the helicopter takes to travel between safe zones
  • Terrain has been reworked with various POI’s moved
  • Added random airstrike event to Winchester City
  • Added Farm POIFixed an issue with water rendering with fog
  • Removed Bandits from Mall POI
  • Added Heavy XOID to Mall POI

You can read more about the update here.

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