XCloud is Heading to iOS and PC

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Microsoft's xCloud game streaming service is coming to PC and iOS. Unlike the Android version, which uses a native app, the service will function on a web browser on iOS and PC. While you can subscribe to the service separately, you also gain access to the service by subscribing to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It costs $15 a month but gives you access to over 150 video games.

xCloud Requirements

Since xCloud lets you play games via streaming, you won't need a powerful gaming PC to stream the Xbox Game Pass games on your computer. However, you'll need a decent internet connection to enjoy games without lags or hiccups. Windows users can use xCloud either from the Windows Xbox application or on a browser.

Using xCloud on iOS

After Apple applied its app store restrictions, many third-party game streaming apps were removed from the platform. But companies found a workaround to offer iOS users the perks of game streaming without violating Apple's policies. To compare, Android users' access is on the dedicated xCloud app. iOS users, meanwhile, need to access the service using a web browser. In fact, other game streaming services like Google Stadia, Nvidia's GeForce Now, and Amazon's Luna are all available to iOS users via web browsers.

When is xCloud coming to iOS and PC?

Microsoft confirmed that the game streaming service will land on iOS and Windows sometime in Spring 2021. Though, the specific date is not revealed yet. Formerly called Project xCloud, xCloud left its beta phase recently. Microsoft is also working with several developers to implement touch controls on Android devices. This will enable users to play games without requiring a dedicated controller.

xCloud is already available on Android. The iOS and Windows versions will go live in spring next year.

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