Xbox Series X Insider Update Allows Users to Output UI in 4K

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A new Xbox Insider update will be available today at 5 p.m. EST. Its biggest feature is a UI improvement for those who are using 4K displays.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s latest and greatest console to date. It has specs that allow users to play games at 4K resolution, though it is surprising that the dashboard user interface still uses that of the Xbox One. In other words, the UI can still be seen at only 1080p.

Those who want to see the dashboard in 4K will be happy to see its new look soon.

Brad Rosetti, Xbox Insider Program Lead, tweeted that Xbox Series X consoles connected to 4K Displays (both TVs and monitors) will have a user interface with an increased resolution.

Xbox Series X owners are excited about this. User @Ry5ter said that the upcoming feature is nice. They added that they’ve always wondered why the UI looked a bit soft, considering how powerful Microsoft’s gaming console is.

Another user said that while it is good to see the UI support 4K natively, they are hoping to get a feature where their TV won’t go black every time they switch between digital video format and HDR.

In addition to the improved UI, local languages should now properly reflect across the console.

Open Issues

Since the update is part of alpha testing, there are some issues that people may encounter when using the console.

For instance, some users may experience an issue where they will not hear any sound when Dolby Atmos is enabled.

Further, Dolby Vision for Gaming is still not working at this time. Developers are still looking to resolve this and hopefully have this up and running in a future update.

Another known issue worth mentioning is that there may be cases where controller input is not working. A temporary workaround for this is to reboot the console and relaunch the game.

Keep in mind that this update is only available for those subscribed to the Xbox Insider program. Once everything is fixed, you can rest assured that the improved UI will be available to all Xbox Series X users.

Are you an Xbox Insider? If so, are you going to install this update?

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