Xbox Game Pass For PC Increases Pricing As Beta Concludes

Xbox Game Pass for PC
Xbox Game Pass for PC Xbox Wire

Xbox Game Pass undoubtedly offers the best deal in gaming today. The subscription-based service grants players access to over 100 games from third-party developers, as well as first-party Xbox games at launch. Up until now, Xbox Game Pass for PC only charged a tiny $5 a month. However, Xbox announced earlier today that the service will be increasing the price to $10 as it is leaving its beta phase. Most of us already expected this to happen.

Starting next week, Xbox will be ending Game Pass for PC beta and move into general availability. Now, what the company means by general availability has yet to be found out. However, we think that Microsoft is content with the stability of the service and its Game Pass for PC client.

Xbox also stated that the change in pricing will not be the same everywhere, and it will depend on a user's region. However, for users in the USA, the pricing will jump from $4.99 to $9.99. The change in pricing will come into effect on September 17.

Users who are already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for PC will get a bit of leeway. Despite the new pricing coming into effect on September 17, subscribers will get an additional month to enjoy the service for $5. From next month onwards, the new billing cycle will be at $9.99. The additional timing should allow subscribers to decide whether or not they want to continue using the service or unsubscribe. However, after the launch of Xbox Series X/S, the pricing will be set to a flat $9.99.

Despite the change in the pricing for Xbox Game Pass for PC, the pricing for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will remain the same at $14.99.

It's certain that there is going to be some controversy regarding doubling the pricing for a subscription service, but still, at $9.99, Xbox Game Pass for PC offers incredible value.

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