Xbox Adaptive Controllers To Be Used In Veterans Therapy

Finding new purpose outside of accessibility to disabled gamers.
The Xbox Adaptive controller.
The Xbox Adaptive controller. Microsoft

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller that was released last year is now broadening horizons by partnering with the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA).

The Xbox Adaptive Controller was made with the help of AbleGamers, Warfighter Engaged, SpecialEffect, Craig Hospital and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation. This special controller enables some of the disabled to enjoy and play games.

The Adaptive Controller is a white rectangular controller 11 inches long and 6 inches wide. The front has two large sensitive black buttons on the right that the player can click with just light taps. It also has a D-pad, a profile button, and an Xbox power button. There are two USB-C ports, one on each side of the controller. On the back, there are 19 3.5mm ports. This allow the player to connect switches, pedals, buttons, and so on, to customize the controller for a more comfortable gaming experience.

After this breakthrough last year, Microsoft is now on a mission to help veterans with their rehabilitation and therapy. Microsoft, together with the Department of Veteran Affairs, will donate adaptive controllers to 22 VA rehab centers across the United States. The VA will then give their feedback to Microsoft on how it helped with the therapy and the whole experience they had with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said in tweet that their goal is, “connecting [veterans] to the games they love and the people they want to play with.”

Microsoft is running an extra mile for this meaningful project with hopes to involve other platforms for a better controller. A rival today can be a friend tomorrow, nobody knows.

“I think the number one piece of feedback that we get is ‘we wish all platforms supported it,’ ” Phil Spencer, gaming chief of Microsoft, said in an interview with The Verge. “Our conversations with other platforms about supporting the Adaptive Controllers have been positive. We’ve talked to Valve about it, we’ve talked to Nintendo about it, we’ve talked to Sony about it. This isn’t something where I feel like we’ve got to break down some walls. My hope is that it’s just time.” He continued.

The Xbox Adaptive controller is now available at the Xbox store for $99.99.

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