X-Men Could Join The MCU Sooner Than We Thought

X-men Days Of Future Past FOX

The Fantastic Four and X-Men movie properties could return to Marvel. According to CNBC’s David Faber, Disney is interested in acquiring Fox’s movie studio, which currently owns the film rights to Deadpool, The Fantastic Four and X-Men.

Disney and Fox have been in talks for several weeks without gaining much momentum, with some sources claiming that the negotiations have stopped completely. Faber concedes the talks have been put on hold, but it isn’t over just yet. He writes: “It does appear at the very least that they have not abandoned the idea of that combination.”

I am undoubtedly more skeptical and less enthusiastic than most about these two properties returning “home.” Even if this deal is made, it won’t be a neat cursory affair. From where I stand, Fox is finally doing interesting things with X-Men, the upcoming New Mutants and in FX’s Legion. And as for The Fantastic Four, I cannot stomach another movie after Marvel’s first family has gone through three increasingly abysmal live-action iterations since 1994.

There are, of course, narrative roadblocks that hinder the smooth entrance of such massive properties into the MCU, each with their own complex history and lore. Where were the X-Men, Deadpool, and The Fantastic Four when the Chitauri attacked New York? These walls are not impenetrable, especially in consideration of the talent team currently working over at Marvel, but the MCU is already teetering on encumbrance and the last thing it needs is a late-in-the-game conscription of two of the most layered franchises in comic book history.

Disney has the funds to justify what would have to be a costly deal, but is it worth it? Does the MCU need X-Men? Does it need The Fantastic Four? Can the MCU redeem those two properties? The upcoming X-Force film, New Mutant, looks promising, as does an X-Men-less MCU phase four. And frankly, I don’t care if I never see another Fantastic Four film.

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