WWE Superstar Zelina Vega Joins Street Fighter 6 as Color Commentator

Time for some fun commentary.
Time for some fun commentary. Capcom

WWE Superstar Zelina Vega is all set to be part of Street Fighter 6. However, she won't be joining as a fighter but as an in-game commentator. As one of the game's color commentators, she brings her strength, style, and even electrifying personality to the already grown roster of commentators.

Despite being a WWE Superstar, she's a self-proclaimed gamer and is no stranger to the Street Fighter franchise. In fact, she even modeled her ring gear as Juri during the Royal Rumble held last weekend.

Zelina Vega, whose real name is Thea Trinidad, shared in a statement that not only has she been a gamer since she was a child but also a huge fan of the iconic fighting franchise. She added that she still remembers the epic matches she had with her brother. In fact, Zelina said that she would always beat him using his favorite character Vega. She went on to say that it's truly surreal to be part of this franchise and she's honored and thankful for this opportunity.

The Commentators

Zelina is the third color commentator to be added to the game. One of the other color commentators is James "jchensor" Chen, also for English. Not only is he one of the biggest fighting game enthusiasts but he's also a self-proclaimed fighting game historian. Then, there's also His Excellency Demon Kakka who's providing commentary in Japanese.

In addition to color commentators, there are also the play-by-play commentators including:

  • Kosuke Hiraiwa (Japanese)
  • Steve "TastySteve" Scott (English)
  • Aru (Japanese)
  • Jeremy "Vicious" Lopez (English)

Street Fighter 6 features a real-time commentary which incorporates voices of popular fighting game community commentators and personalities. They’re there to narrate matches as they happen with easy-to-understand gameplay explanations. This feature is expected to support subtitles in 13 languages.

Street Fighter 6 is seen as the next evolution of the fighting game series with its combo of unique fighting game innovations as it offers three brand new game modes, Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. The game launches June 2 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Pre-order for the game is now available and there's a choice between Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate Editions.

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