WWE 2K Battlegrounds Revealed To Make Up For WWE 2K21 Cancellation

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After the utter mess that WWE 2K20 left in the ring last year, 2K decided to cancel WWE 2K21 to prevent the same mistakes from occurring again. However, to fill up the void, the developer has come up with another game that should keep fans occupies as they wait for the next AAA WWE sim.

2K has replaced the anticipated WWE 2K21 with a more arcade-style WWE game called WWE 2K Battlegrounds. The game immediately reminds me of WWE All-Stars, which was also arcade WWE experience. 2K released a short teaser alongside the announcement that showcased The Rock throwing John Cena into the jaws of a giant alligator waiting outside the ring.

From the initial looks, WWE 2K Battlegrounds doesn't look all that impressive from a visual standpoint. However, it seems that the focus here is to make a game that is more comical and less realistic. If I look back to WWE All-Stars, that game was nothing near to reality, but it was one hell of a game for pure entertainment. WWE All-Stars was all about superhuman finishers and pretty comical presentation of WWE Superstars.

Additionally, 2K has also shared some information on its plans with the WWE 2K franchise. The company is taking time off to give its developers more room to work on the next WWE 2K simulation game. 2K further added that it is extending its production timeline to ensure that the team creates a great game to entertain longtime fans and newcomers alike.

2K has also recruited fighting game vet Patrick Gilmore to work on the next AAA WWE simulation game. Gilmore has over 25 years of experience in the video game industry and has worked on some of the popular titles like Killer Instinct, Medal of Honor, and Amazon's recent New World.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is expected to launch sometime this fall. Release dates and consoles Battlegrounds will be on have yet to be announced.

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