World of Warships Blitz: Update 5.1 Adds Airstrikes and Compensation for Duplicate Items

World of Warships Blitz Update 5.1
World of Warships Blitz Update 5.1 Lesta Studio

There’s a new skill that you can use in World of Warships Blitz. Update 5.1 adds airstrikes letting you quickly dispatch enemies via bomber drops. This update also introduces a new system that will compensate you whenever you get duplicate items.

With the coming of the Dutch nation, the developers have added a brand new skill - the Airstrike. To initiate this attack, line up your shot, confirm the order, and then watch as your squadron of bombers unleashes hell upon your enemies. It is definitely something that can change the course of the battle, so do utilize this whenever possible.

Compensation for Duplicate Items

Aside from the airstrike, a new system is in place that automatically recycles any item that cannot be owned twice, and this is done according to its compensation price. This system affects the following:

  • Permanent ships
  • Permanent Camouflages
  • Portraits
  • Ports

There are two currencies that the system uses as compensation - Silver and Gold. The amount you’ll receive will depend on the items being recycled. That said, you can get either Silver or Gold as compensation for ships, but you’ll only receive Silver for other items.

Certain conditions have to be met for you to be compensated with Gold. First, the ship must be from a direct store offer, such as bundles, special offers, and crates. Second, the ship must either be a Premium or Limited Edition vessel.

Keep in mind that the compensation system won’t affect different ships that can be obtained from crates. This means that if you already own a particular ship from crates, the game will prioritize giving you ships that you haven’t acquired yet.


  • French Tier V Destroyer Jaguar
    • Torpedo damage increased to 3,100
  • French Tier VII Destroyer Vauquelin
    • 0 to max speed decreased to 10.58 seconds
    • Maximum main battery shell dispersion reduced by 4%
    • Torpedo damage increased to 3,100
    • Concealment decreased to 6.24 km
  • French Tier VIII Destroyer Le Fantasque
    • 0 to max speed decreased to 10.92 seconds
    • Maximum main battery shell dispersion reduced by 4%
    • Torpedo damage increased to 3,400
    • Torpedo range increased to 7.2 km
    • Concealment decreased to 6.36 km
British Techline
  • Aircraft torpedo speed decreased by 20%
    • This change will not apply to British Tier VII aircraft carrier Ark Royal
  • British Tier IV aircraft carrier Argus and Tier V aircraft carrier Hermes
    • Torpedo damage increased to 1,400
  • British Tier VI aircraft carrier Furious and Tier VII aircraft carrier Illustrious
    • Torpedo damage increased to 1,500

World of Warships Blitz Update 5.1 is available on Android and iOS.

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