World of Warcraft: MadSeasonShow and Preach Gaming Decided to Quit

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World of Warcraft has lost two of its popular content creators: Preach Gaming and MadSeasonShow.

Ever since the news broke out about Activision Blizzard’s lawsuit filed by the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) last week, the California-based company has suffered massive blows.

Last week, two prominent figures in the World of Warcraft community have expressed their intention of not covering any news about the game anymore, though their reasons for quitting are different.

Why Preach Gaming Left

Headed by Mike “Preach” Lamb, Preach Gaming has covered World of Warcraft since 2010. According to Lamb, there are two reasons why he’s decided to quit WoW for good.

The first is that he no longer feels comfortable covering the game since the recent allegations against Activision Blizzard were brought to light.

The second is that there is little to no positive thing to be said about the game. Lamb said in a video that it has changed dramatically and he is “lost for words” with the direction the game is heading.

Later in the video, he went on to say that the recent expansions were a disappointment and the changes to core mechanics have made the game largely unenjoyable.

MadSeasonShow’s Departure

MadSeasonShow has created World of Warcraft content since 2014. The YouTuber is mostly known for his dry commentary, though a lot of people seem to enjoy his content, as evidenced by his over 410,000 subscribers.

Anyway, the reason for his departure is mostly due to the monetization schemes that the developers have added to the recent versions of the game, as well as in WoW Classic.

He said that players can just use real money to level up much faster, bypassing what made the game so enjoyable in the first place - the experience.

Aside from that, it is also blatantly obvious that the developers want to get as much money as they can by providing shop-exclusive items, legendary mounts, and others.

It is not only MadSeasonShow and Preach Gaming who left the game entirely. Asmongold, arguably the most popular World of Warcraft content creator, moved to Final Fantasy XIV almost two months ago and has been enjoying the game ever since.

The departure of these popular content creators could spark a mass exodus. What do you think? Is the game doomed at this point?

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