World Of Horror 0.9.16 Patch Notes: Custom Enemies Added, Crash Issues Resolved


Panstasz, the developer of World of Horror, released a new update that adds custom enemies. The developers have included an example of a custom enemy for reference. The monkey wrench's speed has been lowered, but the process of opening the manhole has become faster. Some general crash issues which happen during combat have also been addressed in the latest patch notes.

WORLD OF HORROR 0.9.16 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Included with the local game files is an example of a custom enemy
  • Two steps forward, one step back: for this version I had to remove an option of enabling/disabling events. This temporary change, however, allowed the modding content to be back on macOS platform. Enabling/Disabling should be back for the next update.
  • What's next for modding? Chaining events/triggering enemy encounters as an event result. That will eventually lead to custom mysteries!


  • EVT-140 'CASTED' crash fixed
  • fixed a BITE-related crash happening during combat


  • MONUMENT scales a bit differently, raising its cost slightly faster
  • Events requiring HOLY CANDLE lower 1% less DOOM each
  • Botanist mystery's ending D now raises doom
  • MONKEY WRENCH's speed lowered (75->80)
  • Having MONKEY WRENCH equipped speeds up the FORCE MANHOLE OPEN action, similar to CROWBAR
  • H-D FLASHLIGHT's base chance to hit increased (70->75)
  • YASHIRO stats reshuffled
  • YASHIRO starts with a new item/status OMINOUS LETTER


  • 0.9.17: Halloween content update! (ETA: Halloween)

Other patch notes

  • Injuries no longer can be healed before entering the doctor's office
  • BITE action is now properly affected by ITHOTU's effect
  • The special effect of both MAGICIAN and TIME WARPER is now properly explained in-game without cryptic log messages
  • MEDITATE combat action now properly costs 20TUs instead of 30
  • With BRONZE CRUCIFIX equipped you no longer can perform the sever combat action
  • Visiting the police station is no longer free of YGOTHAEG's gaze
  • Various typos fixed
  • Knight-errant works properly in the coma mystery
  • Mermaid mystery: monkey wrench works as said during the boss combat encounter
  • Mermaid mystery: opening a manhole is generally faster
  • Bulletin mystery: overlapping text fixed
  • Dead pixels fixed
  • Not even the witch will protect you from YGOTHAEG's gaze anymore
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